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April 17, 2014

Davis Love III


DAVIS LOVE:  I had a couple of bad shots.  I missed a couple of putts but I made a couple of putts.  All in all it was a decent day, but not what I was looking for.

Q.  For a Thursday here it was a pretty big showing, considering three of you guys in the group.  What was the day like for you out there with Tom and Jordan?
DAVIS LOVE:  It was fun.  Obviously Tom is watching Jordan.  And I'm watching them watch each other, so it was a lot of fun.
They laid a good foundation last week; played some practice rounds, so everybody was comfortable.  It was great to get to play with Tom Watson for both of us.

Q.  You being 50 and being one of the best players of your era, you probably still idolize him?
DAVIS LOVE:  That's what we were saying this morning.  We were saying Jordan has to be excited to play with Tom Watson.  I said, I'm excited to play with Tom Watson.  I didn't get to play that many rounds with him.  Obviously he captained me in the Ryder Cup and I've known him a long, long time.  But still, to play with him is great.  

Q.  When you came out on Tour, the mid to the late '80s, what was your impression and reception with Tom when you first came out?
DAVIS LOVE:  He was always a leader out here.  He was always the guy that would help us out.  And always willing to give us advice or tell us what to do, one way or the other.  He was always very supportive.  It was fun to play around him and play with him because you learned so much.  I learned to play in the wind.  I learned to play Open Championship golf over in Scotland from him, just watching him play.  He played great and swung smooth.  He always had more confidence the worse the weather got.  

Q.  Davis, let's start with the positives.  That was a ball‑striking clinic out there today.  You have to feel good about that?
DAVIS LOVE:  Yeah, I hit the ball real good.  And then when I missed the green, I'd get mad.  I have to be a little more patient.  When you're hitting 4‑irons into little greens like 14, you have to be more patient.
Obviously we're all going to come up short or long with the wind blowing.  But I hit the ball really well.  I hit one bad drive and maybe a couple of bad iron shots all day.  Didn't get a whole lot out of it.  But it was a tough day.  If you get under par, you've done pretty good in the afternoon.

Q.  Explain, you've won here five times, played here almost 30 years.  How is it possible the second shot on 16 is downwind and the second shot on 18 is into the wind?
DAVIS LOVE:  I don't know.  That's why I stand there for so long deciding what to do.  Then I had a 3‑iron out and I'm thinking, there's no way I need a 3‑iron.  Then a 4‑iron was too much.  It's a guessing game sometimes.  I asked my caddie Jeff Weber in the 16th fairway, has it been blowing this hard all day and we've just been in the trees?  He said, no, it's just picking up.
It was meant to change directions a little bit during the day, and I think it finally did.  But that's one of the tricks around here.  You've got to be really patient with the wind.  You've got to be guessing a little bit and guess right.  And it's just a tricky tournament.  You always see it, you think 20‑under is going to win here, and then usually about 10 does win here.

Q.  If 10 is going to win here, that's still easily within reach for No. 6.  You have to feel good about that, too?
DAVIS LOVE:  Yeah, it was a good start.  Afternoon, tough wind, you don't want to blow yourself out of it.  And hopefully get a nice morning tomorrow and make up some ground.

Q.  Let's hope it's a nice morning tomorrow, Davis.  Keep it going.
DAVIS LOVE:  I'm being positive.

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