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April 17, 2014

Cristie Kerr


Q.  Less windy today?
CHRISTIE KERR:  On the front 9, I would say it's a bit less windy.  On the back it definitely picked up.  Now it's similar to what it was yesterday.  It was good to get out in the morning.  We had a lot of wind yesterday.  I would say it was just slightly less.  Overall today I played really well.

Q.  Anything that stuck out birdie‑wise, momentum‑wise throughout the round?
CHRISTIE KERR:  It was like a slow buildup the whole day.  I was really determined.  I just wanted to keep the momentum going.  I was very focused today.

Q.  I asked Eric yesterday, first trip for me.  I was on your flight.  And I said he was like a superstar.  Coming into this, just managing him on a big trip, has that helped?
CHRISTIE KERR:  It's been pretty easy.  It's great when we have help.  We have a great friend helping watch him.  I get more rest actually when we have people with us than I do at home.  I was exhausted last week.

Q.  Putting‑wise, what was‑‑
CHRISTIE KERR:  I made a lot of putts, made a lot of putts.  Made a great putt on 16 and 17.

Q.  How long were those?
CHRISTIE KERR:  16 was about 12, 13 feet and probably about the same on 17.
Made a great 2‑putt on 18.  Made a lot of good putts for par and those are good momentum keepers.

Q.  Headed into the weekend, anything change?
CHRISTIE KERR:  Do the best I can.  Just keep grinding and going to be windy the next couple of days too and keep our head down and keep going.  Keep the ball out of the wind.

Q.  Couple of people said the greens are a little slippery.
CHRISTIE KERR:  There were a couple faster putts today, but depends on where you're putting from.

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