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April 16, 2014

Gael Monfils


6‑3, 7‑6

THE MODERATOR:テつ Questions in French, please.

Q.テつ Your feeling right now is you were up against a wall?テつ What bothered you in his game?
GAテ窶ケL MONFILS:テつ He has a typical game of a clay‑courter.テつ What bothered me is that I have not spent enough hours on clay yet.テつ I wanted to come here earlier, but I couldn't do that.
It's just the beginning of the season, and there are some shots I couldn't find.テつ He was better than I was today.

Q.テつ You seem frustrated.
GAテ窶ケL MONFILS:テつ Well, every year I come here I always lose against the same player.テつ They're good baseliners.テつ They have no particular strong shot and they often come from the quallies.
It was Montaテδアテδゥs last year.テつ This year it's him.テつ It's always like that.テつ They play solid and I get bogged down into their game.
I am frustrated.

Q.テつ How do you explain that?
GAテ窶ケL MONFILS:テつ Because they are more ready than I am.テつ He played well today.

Q.テつ What are you going to do next?
GAテ窶ケL MONFILS:テつ I'm going Bucharest.

Q.テつ So for you it will all come back to more hours on clay?
GAテ窶ケL MONFILS:テつ Well, I'm coming back from an injury, my ankle.テつ Things just don't come together like that.テつ I must make some adjustments.テつ I have a week now to work on all that and also to work physically.
It is just the beginning of the claycourt season.テつ It's the time for preparation.テつ It's fine if I can win good matches, but the goal is to be fit for the French Open.

Q.テつ Was it also frustrating because you were very close?
GAテ窶ケL MONFILS:テつ Well, he had that first set.テつ I had some opportunities in the tiebreaker, but I made bad choices.テつ I need some more adjustments to my game.テつ That dropshot, for example, was not a good idea.
But it's good for me to play against those players because, no doubt, I'm going to play them in the first rounds of the French Open.

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