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April 13, 2014

Justin Rose


JUSTIN ROSE:  Again I played well in the middle of the week.  I played as good as anybody in the field.  And today was just‑‑ I felt like the course was definitely playing tricky.  Pins on 3 and 4 were on tough spots.  And I was on the wrong side of them.  And left myselfin really quick ‑‑ the greens are so quick from the spots I left myself in, it kind of got in the back of my head for the rest of the round.
I left a number of putts from that moment short.  Although I really felt like a holed out well from three or four feet.  I just seemed to leave myself a lot of 8, 10‑footers.  And when you've got eight, ten feet with about a foot of break, it's not that easy to make all those.
But, yeah, I just didn't really get a lot out of today.  I'm disappointed with that.

Q.  (Inaudible.)
JUSTIN ROSE:  Yeah, Graeme, other than yesterday looked a little shaky.  The first two rounds were incredible, and then to go out and play as well as he has today‑‑ to go out at 3‑under par today was a really good front nine.  I think Jordan was hanging with him for a while, but those two were really a good performance in the last group.

Q.  You'll be defending the next Major?

Q.  Have you any thought about that and how much are you aware of or know Pinehurst?
JUSTIN ROSE:  I don't know Pinehurst at all.  So definitely I'll get some prep going and going to spend a week there before the tournament and really get to know the golf course.
I'm looking forward to that, I'm going to really work hard from now until then so I keep my hand on the job.

Q.  How much did you spend preparation‑wise for Merion, before you got there?
JUSTIN ROSE:  I spent three days the week before the tournament and really got to know the course and conditions when there was nobody around.  I could spend hours and hours out there really learning the nuances of it.  And I think Pinehurst will be similar, especially with the short game shots.

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