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April 13, 2014

Adam Scott


Q.  In a weird twist of fate, you and Jason were on 8 green when the last group was on 2, I think it was.  Did that seem a little odd?  Could you see all those people over there and can you remember back a year ago?
ADAM SCOTT:  No.  What happened a year ago?  Sorry, I'm missing the point, here.

Q.  Well, you were in that last group.
ADAM SCOTT:  Oh, second to the last group.  Okay.

Q.  Was that too tough a question?  I can understand it was not the best question.
ADAM SCOTT:  No, I wasn't really thinking about anything, other than trying to right the ship and try to get something going.
I mean I still felt like even going to the back nine if I could post 4‑under, if I stood here with 4‑under right now, you never know.  And that's what I was trying to work towards.  Just the story of my weekend with some sloppy stuff around the greens, and that doesn't bode well here.

Q.  You must have a sense of relief when that last one went in.
ADAM SCOTT:  It's not been my best week with the putter.  My pace was off on the long putts.  And when it gets on fire around here, you're going to have a lot of long putts.  And I left so much work with them, that nothing was talking distance.  And I missed my share of them and had some three‑putts and it just makes it very hard to have really good scores every day around here.

Q.  (Inaudible.)
ADAM SCOTT:  Lots of early days.  You know there are opportunities out there and you know the pin spots are possible to get it close if you hit good shots.  So I was just trying to stay patient and hit good shots.  I mean early there were some tough holes and you're seeing big numbers on them all through the day.
Once I made the turn, like I said, I felt like if it's possible to get in at 4, you never know.
And then also you never know what can happen.  Two eagles on the back nine is possible, but I just didn't create enough opportunities.  It wasn't quite there.  Hit driver five yards left on 15 and you don't get a shot at the green, it's behind the trees.  It's tough on a Sunday out here.

Q.  What's your take away from the week there?  Obviously a big week for you, you've come back as defending champion and now walking away?
ADAM SCOTT:  Well, I've enjoyed the week thoroughly.  I mean it's been a week I'll never forget, the experiences I've had in playing a tournament as the defending champion and as a champion, and all the ovations that you receive around here is amazing memories for me.
I think as far as my game goes I was really happy with where I put myself on Friday night.  And without over analyzing it it's always a bit here or there, but a poor nine holes on Saturday stopped all my momentum and had me on the back foot and I just couldn't go anywhere from there.  And that's what it's like at Majors.  You're nine good holes from winning it and nine bad holes from being out of it.  Without being too critical I think I just played an average nine holes and that was going to make it hard for me.

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