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April 13, 2014

Fred Couples


Q.テつ (No Microphone.)
FRED COUPLES:テつ Well, he's working pretty hard on his game.テつ He's probably the hardest worker on the Champions Tour, by far, and that's why he plays so well.
Again, he played here well last year.テつ I think we were tied going into the last day, maybe in the Top‑12 or 15.テつ So he knows how to play golf.
But the Champions Tour is tough.テつ When you're winning all the time, you stay on your feet and you feel like you're doing well.テつ Then when you come over here, it would be like winning the lottery for he or I to win this thing, but you never know.
If I would have had his round today, I would be sitting here maybe at 4‑under and I probably wouldn't be worried about winning, but it would be a lot better than whatever the heck I shot.

Q.テつ What does it say about the 20‑somethings themselves and about this golf course that allows really guys of any age to win?
FRED COUPLES:テつ Well, yeah, there have been U.S. Open's where amateurs, the young kids have played well and people try and figure out where they come from.テつ But this tournament you get the top Tour players.
So if you are asking about Rickie Fowler and I don't know who else, Blixt, I don't know Jonas very well, but I do know he's a very, very good player.テつ He played well today.
Some people like certain golf courses, if you play well and putt well and get a feel for the greens.テつ Some people get intimidated.テつ If you start out with your first time here and you hit the ball in the wrong spots a few times, you just kind of don't know what to do.テつ I think that if you get off to a good start, you can play here and have a shot at doing well.

Q.テつ (No Microphone.)
FRED COUPLES:テつ Yesterday I said he was a world class player and he's fighting.テつ I know he got to 8‑under, I think, or 7‑under.テつ You can bogey any hole out there.テつ I think he bogeyed the 8th hole, which is kind of a stinger, because it's a par‑5 that maybe he can reach.テつ But I didn't expect to make 7 on the 15th hole either from 200 yards.
He's a great player.テつ It's not over.テつ He's just got to turn this around pretty quickly.テつ But some guys look at 20‑year‑olds and because of the way he plays, he's an old 20‑year‑old player.テつ He's full of class and a great, great player.

Q.テつ It was a great week for the 50 plus club.テつ How do you explain that?
FRED COUPLES:テつ Well, because we play here so many times.テつ I know Bernhard just had a great week.テつ I think he shot 69 today which was a great score.
No, I think that he has probably played this 30 years also or more.テつ So you get to know the course, you know the wind, you know how to play it.
Is it surprising?テつ I don't think he's going to tell you it's surprising, but when you look at a 55 year old and he's going to finish maybe in the top‑10, that's something.

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