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April 13, 2014

Oliver Goss


Q.テつ The first Australian to win the Silver Cup.テつ It's official, how does it feel?
OLIVER GOSS:テつ I can't believe it, to be honest with you.テつ I heard that I might be the second, but to be the first is really quite unbelievable.

Q.テつ Quite amazing shots, you saved on 16, a little bump up the hill and back, and a chip on the 18.
OLIVER GOSS:テつ Exactly.テつ We hit a couple of good ups and downs through there.テつ And I just wish that one on 16 was a bit quicker, that would have been amazing.

Q.テつ How long was that, about an inch?
OLIVER GOSS:テつ No, it was about a foot.テつ It was really close, but it would have been great to see it drop in.

Q.テつ That last putt, making sure you finished off your round not hearing moans, but hearing claps.テつ Hitting that par?
OLIVER GOSS:テつ I was really nervous on the last tee.テつ I was thinking is this‑‑ this is my last hole, I have to finish well.テつ And my drive went into the trees.テつ And hit an okay recovery shot just short of the green.テつ And to make the up and down was really proud for me.

Q.テつ You've had some great experiences this week.テつ Can you pick out a couple that stand out?
OLIVER GOSS:テつ You really can't pick out one or two things.テつ It's kind of the overall thing.
I've just got to step back now and have a look at the entire week and just learn as much as I can from the whole week.

Q.テつ How much will you rest now in these next few days, because you've been at it down here for ten days now?
OLIVER GOSS:テつ I've been down, exactly, for ten days, and I'm absolutely exhausted.テつ You've got to play your best golf every single day, it just amazes me.テつ And I can definitely tell I'm going to get back home and hit the cardio a little harder.テつ I really respect these guys for what they do.

Q.テつ What do you think you need to do to get to this level on a regular basis?
OLIVER GOSS:テつ The second I played really well.テつ And the other days I just played just a little average.テつ And I managed to play fairly average the whole week and still make the cut.テつ It makes me realize that I can get there.テつ And I still have a lot to learn, though.

Q.テつ On 13, how far did you have in there?テつ What did you hit in?
OLIVER GOSS:テつ I hit a 9‑iron.

Q.テつ What was it 180, 170?
OLIVER GOSS:テつ It was about 180 and the wind was helping.テつ But when I hit it I think the wind just died and it came up middle of the green.

Q.テつ Your dad and your coach were out there.テつ How nice to share this with your family?
OLIVER GOSS:テつ Yeah, it's great.テつ With Doug here, he's been the biggest influence on my golf since I was really young.テつ It's good to see him.テつ My whole family out here, too.

Q.テつ It's a learning experience.テつ Is this the biggest learning curve in your career, and how much do you think you've grown as a golfer over these four days?
OLIVER GOSS:テつ You know, there's certain points in your career, certain tournaments that do change your game, and I think this is one of them.テつ And you dream you might get into a state tournament and do well, and then you get on the national stage or International.テつ This is the pinnacle of golf, so I can't see how this couldn't change your game.テつ I'm looking to learn a lot after this week.

Q.テつ You mentioned your future a few times this week, and you don't know what it holds, not that you have to make a decision right now.テつ What's the timeline like for you, and are you still playing the U.S. Open?
OLIVER GOSS:テつ Yes, I'm playing the U.S. Open.テつ And after that I'm going to get together with my team and we'll talk about things and just see how everything is.テつ If it's the right time, then it's the right time.テつ But if it isn't then that's fine, too.テつ I'm just looking to turn at the right time because that's really pivotal when you turn professional in your career.

Q.テつ Did you have your birthday last night?
OLIVER GOSS:テつ We just ordered some food into the house.テつ And I had my caddie and his friend and we just had a great time, just with the family and close friends.

Q.テつ A cake?
OLIVER GOSS:テつ Yeah, that was so cool.

Q.テつ What kind of cake?
OLIVER GOSS:テつ I'm not exactly sure where it's from, but my girlfriend organized that and she did a really great job.テつ It was really cool.テつ Probably the last six birthdays I've always spent it on the road playing.テつ And I think it's something I got used to, kind of, through my teenage years.テつ But this has been the best birthday.

Q.テつ What's her name?

Q.テつ You did so well here, will it raise your expectations with the U.S. Open?テつ Are you expecting to get through that cut and maybe add another medal?
OLIVER GOSS:テつ I was at Pinehurst a month ago, and it was brutal.テつ It's going to be so hard.テつ I just want to prepare no different than I have here.テつ Prepare the same way.テつ Practice just as hard and work on things.テつ And we'll see how it goes.テつ It would be nice to make the cut, but I don't want to put too much pressure on my shoulders.
I'm really proud of the way I played this week, but I'm looking to play the same way at the U.S. Open.

Q.テつ You parred 12 four times, you may be the only person in the field that did that.テつ And you also parred 3 four times.テつ Are those favorite holes?
OLIVER GOSS:テつ 12, I was really proud, because I hit the green every day and 2‑putted.テつ That was really good to make, because I know how hard that can play, just watching it with the different winds.テつ I was really glad.テつ I could have had four birdies there, but just out of the side of the hole.

Q.テつ What were you hitting into that?
OLIVER GOSS:テつ 9‑iron to a little 8‑iron.

Q.テつ Have you been to the merchandise tent since you've been here?
OLIVER GOSS:テつ Not yet.テつ I'm planning to head over and picking up some memorabilia.テつ I went last year and picked up a couple of things.テつ How can you not go and buy a couple of things?テつ I've got pencils and score pads and match boxes.

Q.テつ You better get something for Jesse.
OLIVER GOSS:テつ Exactly.

Q.テつ (Inaudible.)
OLIVER GOSS:テつ For me I think it was 1.テつ I think I was 4 over on that hole, so that had me all week.
I think statistically I think 4 is probably the hardest.テつ And I played it I think in only 1‑over.
And then 11 is tough, too, especially because those holes played the majority into the wind all week.

Q.テつ (Inaudible.)
OLIVER GOSS:テつ That absolutely blows my mind.テつ I knew he was such a great player and such a phenom, but to come out here and 20 and be tied for the lead.テつ It absolutely blows my mind, I couldn't even think about that.テつ But I'm really glad.テつ He's an extraordinary player.

Q.テつ Have you been in touch with your grandmother?テつ You have a grandmother living over in Surrey.テつ Have you heard any comments from her?
OLIVER GOSS:テつ My mom's parents are here, so my grandparents on my mom's side are here, which is great.テつ They're both golfers.テつ And my grandparents on my dad's side live in England.テつ I'm pretty sure they're watching it.テつ So it would be good to get in touch with them.

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