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April 12, 2014

Justin Rose


Q. 69's always a good score around here.  Did you know that was out there today?
JUSTIN ROSE:  Yes and no.  I four putted the second, giving at least a shot and a half there.  But my ball stayed dry at 15, probably gained a shot and a half there.
So all in all I got to be happy.  I think if I just boil it down to maybe the last couple holes, I would love to have snuck a couple or been a couple better going into tomorrow.
But at the same time, Bubba at this point is keeping me in it.  There's a lot of players I think going to be in with a chance tomorrow.  Anybody under par going into tomorrow has a good shot.

Q.  Go through your eagles.
JUSTIN ROSE: ¬†Yeah, third hole, obviously a bonus coming off the back of a 4‑putt.¬† Hit driver off the tee, wedged it up.¬† It's a blind shot, but obviously I could tell by the crowd that it went in.
13, I hit a great drive, drew driver around the corner.¬† Hit an awesome 4‑iron at the pin, which began to funnel a bit to the right, but made about a 25‑footer there for an eagle.
Couple bits of crystal coming my way.

Q.  Is there a bit of frustration, except for the 76, you would be really in contention.
JUSTIN ROSE:  I haven't really thought about it, because it is what it is, so you can't do much about it.  Maybe scheduling going into next year, maybe coming off the back of two weeks is something I'll look at because of that.
But like I said, two weeks off might suit me tomorrow.  I might be fresher.  If I go and post a great round of golf, it will look like the best two weeks off of golf I've ever had.
So I'll have to see what tomorrow brings, but, yeah, it's something I'll definitely evaluate.

Q.  Talk about the eagle at 13.  What's the key to playing that hole well?
JUSTIN ROSE:¬† 13?¬† There's no key, really.¬† You got to hit two great golf shots.¬† I would rather try to hit an aggressive tee shot to leave myself an easier second shot.¬† Rather that be hitting 3‑wood off the tee, I would rather miss my tee shot.¬† At least that way you have a much better chance of making par than if you miss your second shot.¬† So I try to get it around the corner as far as I can.

Q.  You said anyone under par.  You could be four or five shots off the lead tonight, couldn't you, depending upon what Bubba does, really, isn't it?
JUSTIN ROSE:  Yeah, the back nine offers some chances, but there's no real easy pins coming in.  I thought that 18, 17, 16, they're all tough pins.
15's a not particularly easy.
14's a birdie pin.
13's not particularly easy.
And you got Amen Corner.
So, yeah, I'm hoping I'm not too far ‑‑ if I was four back going into tomorrow that would be the biggest result that I could have looked for going into today.

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