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April 12, 2014

Kevin Stadler


Q.  How did you find it out there?
KEVIN STADLER:  It was all right.  It was tough.  It's getting a lot firmer and faster.  The greens were getting very slick.  It's pretty hard to putt.  I don't know, that's going to be the thing tomorrow.

Q.  Faster, do you think?
KEVIN STADLER:  I hope not, but good chance.

Q.  How do you like your chances out there tomorrow?
KEVIN STADLER:  I'm probably a little too far back.  But I'm in a good position to have a good finish.  But I'm too far back to catch up unless something crazy happens at the top.
I think to shoot anything better than 3‑ or 4‑under is asking a lot right now.

Q.  You never know.
KEVIN STADLER:  It could be in the cards.  I've never played well yet around the back nine, maybe tomorrow will be the day.

Q.  You going to go practice this afternoon?
KEVIN STADLER:  Yeah, I'm going to go hit a few, just a couple and then call it quits.

Q.  I know the course has been tough, but talk to me a little bit more about your chances.
KEVIN STADLER:  I'm not really sure.  Obviously there's some more golf to play today, but I think 5 or 6 back where I am right now is a tall task.  I'd be happy to be in this position come Tuesday or Wednesday past, so I can't really complain about it.  I wish I could have played the back nine a little better the last couple of days so I could have been a little better.  I kind of stalled out around 13 or 14 and limped in a bit.  But I've been playing well, so see what happens tomorrow.

Q.  You're not the only golfer that is having trouble on the back nine, is there something different?
KEVIN STADLER:  I'm not really sure.  Yesterday was a lot tougher with the wind.  And today the greens just got really, really slick.  And it was hard to get even close to the hole.
And then if you left yourself a long putt, it was hard to get them within four or five feet, it was a tough 3‑putt unless you were in the right spot.

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