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April 12, 2014

Oliver Goss


Q.テつ I'm curious about just being low amateur, can you talk a little bit about that, what does that mean to you, the only amateur still in here, so you've got that nailed.
OLIVER GOSS:テつ Yeah, it means a lot.テつ I heard that Matt unfortunately made birdie on the last, so missed the cut.
For me I'm really, really proud of that.テつ To know that I'm going to be in Butler Cabin on Sunday is huge.テつ And I honestly don't think it's quite hit me yet, just trying to focus on my round ahead.テつ I'm really proud to make the weekend and be low amateur.

Q.テつ What was it like for you, we talked earlier in the week, that was your goal.テつ Do you have to reassess today and maybe think of getting back next year or was it hard to get motivated today?
OLIVER GOSS:テつ No, it's the Masters.テつ If you can't get motivated for the Masters, I don't know what you're doing.
I just tried to play exactly as I have been the last two days.テつ And unfortunately made a couple of mental mistakes that cost me two doubles.テつ Other than that I played okay, just need to sort out the mental problems and I should be right for tomorrow.

Q.テつ Happy birthday, right?
OLIVER GOSS:テつ Yeah, thank you very much.テつ I got a couple hundred happy birthdays from the crowd.テつ And then after the last holethe crowd got a happy birthday song going, which was great.

Q.テつ You had happy birthday sung to you?

Q.テつ Which hole was that on?
OLIVER GOSS:テつ On 18.テつ The crowd started cheering and happy birthday, which was really cool.

Q.テつ They've taken you to heart?
OLIVER GOSS:テつ Yeah, they really have.テつ I've got some Tennessee Volunteer fans, a lot of them, actually.テつ And a lot of Australian fans.テつ I feel a lot of the crowd is backing me and supporting me, which means a lot, too.

Q.テつ Talk about the mental mistakes, what happened?
OLIVER GOSS:テつ The greens are a lot, a lot firmer than I realized.テつ On 1 I had a chip from the front of the green.テつ I didn't realize how firm it was and I just hit it a little bit too hard and it went over the green, which is completely dead to that pin.テつ I ended up making double.
And then the other double on 7, I thought I hit a really good shot in there, but I think the wind was messing with me a little bit, so I hit it over the back.テつ And then the grass around my putt just leaked it a little bit right.テつ I had about six feet, I just misread it.テつ I thought I hit a good putt and then I thought I hit a good next putt, too, but it lipped out.

Q.テつ What were the pins on those holes?
OLIVER GOSS:テつ The pin on 1 is back left.テつ And the pin on 7 is like front middle but tucked right over the bunker, and it was really hard to get at because I think the wind was downwind and the greens are firm.テつ It's almost impossible to get at the that pin.

Q.テつ With this week almost over have you had a lot of time demands for you, dinners, things to go to at night, practice rounds, you being an amateur and having gone through this week pretty much now, can an amateur win this event?
OLIVER GOSS:テつ You know, I'm not too sure.テつ It really depends on the player.テつ If they're good enough then maybe, who knows.テつ But I think it's going to take a lot of experience around here to really get to know the course.テつ I can't remember the first time‑‑ I'm not sure if a first timer actually won a Masters, especially as an amateur.
So I think this that it's going to be a real achievement.

Q.テつ Was this an exhausting week for you?
OLIVER GOSS:テつ It is.テつ I'm really exhausted.テつ I've been here since Friday afternoon.テつ So I've been here eight days now.テつ And just focusing on the one event, it's really tiring.テつ I think I can take that away into my next tournaments.

Q.テつ Is it a bit of a letdown, given that you've won the Silver Cup already?
OLIVER GOSS:テつ A bit of a letdown?

Q.テつ Was it hard for you to sort of stay completely focused given that you've captured the No.1 goal?
OLIVER GOSS:テつ At the start of the week I didn't really put any real goals on my shoulders to take the pressure off.テつ So I don't think anything changed today.テつ I tried to play the exact same way as I did the last two days.

Q.テつ What's it been like to be the center of attention?
OLIVER GOSS:テつ It's been absolutely crazy.テつ It's something I'm not used to.テつ I'm not sure what the future holds, either.テつ It's great.テつ I'm just really glad to have all the support I'm getting from Tennessee and Australia.テつ It's wonderful.

Q.テつ What about tonight?テつ Got any plans for the birthday with your family and friends?
OLIVER GOSS:テつ I haven't planned anything personally, but I think the family have got something planned.

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