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April 12, 2014

Gary Woodland


Q.  Did you know something was up on the front nine?  Did you feel like something special?
GARY WOODLAND:  Yeah, I mean I had a good practice session.  I had a good feeling going to the first hole.  And hit a great shot in there on 1 and made a putt.  I haven't seen a lot of putts go in this week.  I saw a putt GO in on the first hole and really got the momentum going and carried it on.

Q.  What was the distance and club on 2?
GARY WOODLAND:  I don't remember the distance I had.  It was just over 200 yards.  I think 191 front.  So 209 hole, I think is what it was.  I hit 7‑iron.

Q.  Did you feel the galleries kind of grow as you got on that run and all of a sudden you're like the hottest thing on the course?
GARY WOODLAND:  Yeah, I felt the momentum.  It was definitely getting louder and louder.  I didn't know if that was just more people showing up later in the day or if it was because of the way I was playing.  I was definitely feeding off that early, sure.

Q.  When you shoot 30 on the front, are you making‑‑ do you have different feelings about how you're going to play on the back?
GARY WOODLAND:  No, I played it the same.  Only difference was I hit driver on 13.  I've hit 3‑wood every day so far.
I was just riding it.  I knew I had par‑5s ahead of me.  I knew I had some holes I could attack.  One of the best things I made all day was on 11 there, just flew over the green.  And then I did make a bad swing on 12 and that cost me there.

Q.  Looked like you were indecisive on the tee at 12?
GARY WOODLAND:  No, we were just waiting for the wind to die.  And when the wind died I hit wedge.  I was playing aggressive.  I knew I had to hit it good and I hit it a little bit heavy.  When I hit it I knew it was going to be short.

Q.  How do you harness yourself after walking off 10 green?
GARY WOODLAND:  I was slowing down a little bit, trying to catch my breath.  I was in a groove.  I mean I had it going.  To be honest, I only missed a couple of shots.  And unfortunately they were off the tee box the last couple of holes coming in and that cost me.  All in all I'm playing great.

Q.  Did you know that ties the record for the lowest front nine?
GARY WOODLAND:  I didn't, no.  That's pretty cool.

Q.  Does that feel good?
GARY WOODLAND:  Yeah, it feels great.  Hopefully I get the back nine tomorrow.

Q.  I think I heard from one of your family members you told them this morning, get ready, I'm going to go low?
GARY WOODLAND:  Yeah, I mean I just felt it.  I've played really well on Thursday and yesterday I was just off with the driver.  I fixed it last night on the range.  I felt great.  And I rode it today.  I drove the ball beautifully today until the last couple of holes.  I will rest tonight and hopefully have a low one tomorrow.

Q.  What was the difference between the first few days on the front nine?
GARY WOODLAND:  Thursday I played great.  I was making putts.  Yesterday I really drove the ball bad.  I went to the range last night.  I worked on the range.  I felt like I figured something out and came up today and I drove the ball great.  When I drive the ball well, and I've played aggressively, I hit more drivers today than I've hit all week.  When I'm driving like that, I give myself pretty good chances to make birdies, and I made some putts, as well.

Q.  How many did you hit, do you recall?
GARY WOODLAND:  I don't.  I hit it on the first three holes, which I've been hitting 3‑wood on 2, I hit driver there.  I hit driver on 13, which I've not been.  I probably hit seven or eight where I've been hitting it poor, so definitely played more aggressive today.

Q.  How comfortable is that third shot on 12?
GARY WOODLAND:  Awful, especially coming out of the rough.  Where my ball entered, I had to drop out of the rough.  And where the drop zone was, I wasn't at a good angle.  I got fortunate the ball stayed up on the third shot.  But it's not a good shot.  It's almost as uncomfortable as the tee shot.

Q.  At the start of the day 3‑under is a pretty good round, but after where you were, how disappointing is where you are?
GARY WOODLAND:  I've just got to ride it.  I shot 3‑under and go.  I need some help from the guys in front of me.  But hopefully I can go have a low one tomorrow and see where it stands.

Q.  Did it change your mindset at all after 12?  You've been going so great.
GARY WOODLAND:  I made great swings on 13 to get back in it.  The first bad swing I really made was there on 13.  I pulled 3‑wood, which you just can't go left, and I did.  I did it on 15, too.  It's a hole where I'm going to hit 7‑ or 8‑iron on the par‑5.  It's frustrating to make par there.  And where I hit it on the last hole, especially.

Q.  (Inaudible.)
GARY WOODLAND:  Yeah, well, 9 was a very awkward second shot for me.  I had a horrible distance on a downhill lie.  I hit a great shot.  I had a wedge, trying to get it up in the air.  And I think I caught the back slope and got it down there.  That was nice.
10 I just had a perfect number, perfect pitching wedge in there for me.  It was nice.  I was hitting the ball long.  You get the momentum like that, and I'm able to hit the ball pretty far.  I had the ball flying.
On 11 the second shot was perfect, I thought, and it just flew over the green.  It was flying.
I think that was what the difference was on 12.  I knew I was hitting it so hard, I tried to hit wedge and came up short.

Q.  When you look at your comfort level on this golf course, do you feel like a guy beyond his third Masters?
GARY WOODLAND:  I do, especially with Tony on the bag.  I feel very comfortable with it.  The whole set up is very well for me, sets up very well for my eye.  I'm starting to show I'm playing better and better and hopefully I can ride the momentum today and play well tomorrow.

Q.  Did you know he was on the bag when Norman shot his 63 here?
GARY WOODLAND:  No, I didn't.  It doesn't surprise me.  He knows this place ins and outs.  I've just got to go out and execute.

Q.  (Inaudible.)
GARY WOODLAND:  On 10 I had 147 with a little helping wind.  It was a perfect pitching wedge.  I had 9, Tony wanted me to go back, I switched and hit wedge and it was perfect.

Q.  Did you hear anybody in the front nine at all or after 8 or 9 or 10, did anybody throw a number out, getting you thinking about a low number?
GARY WOODLAND:  No.  I was thinking a low number.  I was pretty much zoned in, I wasn't hearing what people were saying.  I could hear it getting louder, that was about it.

Q.  Did you ever think about 59 or 60?
GARY WOODLAND:  I was trying to birdie every hole.  11 I hit a shot that I thought I had a pretty good chance to make birdie.  12 was just short.  And birdied 13.  I was trying to ride the momentum coming in.

Q.  What did it feel like the first ten holes?
GARY WOODLAND:  It was a zone that you want to be in and hopefully I get back in that zone tomorrow.

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