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April 11, 2014

Adam Scott


Q.  Well played on the day, man.
ADAM SCOTT:  Yeah.  Thank you.

Q.  A fairly sensational even par round.
ADAM SCOTT:  Well, yeah, it was very difficult out there today.  Anything even par or better at a Major is normally a good score, especially today, I would say.
It kept me in the tournament.

Q.  How worried were you after the front nine?
ADAM SCOTT:  Well, I was certainly aware of 10, 11, and 12 playing difficult and knew that I had to start hitting some quality shots.
But I hit two really quality shots on the 9th that felt like the best swings I had made to that point.  I wanted to keep that feeling for the back nine.  I played a really good back nine.  It was really solid.
Fortunate par, maybe, at the last, but you got to take advantage of a bit of luck out of the trees.

Q.  Was it sort of a scrambling sort of a round would you call it?
ADAM SCOTT:  Well, I think probably everyone would today.  There's no way guys were playing flawless tee to green, it was so difficult.  Greens are getting so firm in the afternoon that it was, if you were out of position, it was almost impossible to hold greens.  You needed to be right in the fairway and hopefully with a wedge.  The greens are very firm now.

Q.  As well as you played on the back, there could have been, you could have picked up a couple more shots.
ADAM SCOTT:  Oh, I think I had a good chance on 17 there.  That would have been great to knock that in.  I hit a good putt and it just hit the top side.
Like I said, when the greens are like this, you got to be so precise, whether it's putting or with your iron play.  It's going to be a demanding weekend if we continue to have this nice dry weather.

Q.  You experienced success here the last few years, you have a comfort level obviously.  How much did that come into play in terms of your patience out there and holding it together?
ADAM SCOTT:  Yeah, there's no doubt I'm a much more patient player the last few years.  As I made a few bogeys, I remembered I did last year on Friday on the front nine as well.  I shot 39‑33, I believe, last year, just like this.
It doesn't mean just because you did it last year you're going to do it again, but there's always opportunities to hit good shots on the back nine.  And I felt it was so important to get through 10, 11, and 12 without dropping another shot, so I could get to 13 and 15 and maybe create some chances for eagle or at least have good looks at birdie.
I knew if I finished the day in red numbers I would be in a pretty good position going into the weekend.

Q.  For the rest of the field, how far back is too far back?
ADAM SCOTT:  I still think if you're playing, you got a chance.  I think the cut's going to be four, is it?  It all depends how firm and how tricky the pin spots are tomorrow.
Certainly depends on how Bubba plays and a couple other guys up the top play.  If they move in the right direction, then it's going to get away from some guys.  But if you go out early tomorrow and a guy 4‑over ends up at 2‑under, he might be within a good chance for tomorrow.

Q.  Your overall assessment of today.
ADAM SCOTT:  Well, it wasn't exactly what I was looking for, but given everything, I'm absolutely satisfied with that.  It just means tomorrow's round's extremely important for me.  It's going to have to be maybe the best round of the week.

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