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April 11, 2014

Jim Furyk


Q.  How would you wrap up that round today, Jim?
JIM FURYK:  It was a long, hard 2‑putt at 18.  I felt good about it.  It was nice to get off to a good start.
I felt like I could have scored a little bit better than the 74.  I drove the ball well yesterday.  I wasn't as crisp with my iron play as I needed to be, and I didn't get down in two from off the green with a putter a couple times.
I put a lot of stress on my putter yesterday.  I was able to knock in a bunch of putts and kind of hold myself in there.
Today I drove it well again, but it was nice to get off to that good start.  I hit a lot more good iron shots, gave myself a lot of opportunities out there.  I missed a few little ones in the middle of the round.
I had good birdie attempts at 6, 7 and 8 that didn't go, but the good start kind of allowed me still to be patient and I saw a couple fall at the end of the round.

Q.  Putting is always the key here, but is good iron play important as the golf course gets a little bit faster for the weekend?
JIM FURYK:  Yeah, I think so.  Even driving the ball, really.  I come here a lot of times trying to hit the ball a little too high and a little too hard off the tee.  Because of that, I get a little wild, I hit some crooked shots, and then you can't play.
This year I really just tried to play my game.  I've driven the ball very, very well, put the ball in play a lot, had good angles to pins.  I wasn't able to really capitalize on my iron play yesterday, but today I gave myself a lot of opportunities.

Q.  How about the conditions out there?  Was the wind a major factor?
JIM FURYK:  It was a factor.  I felt like that it was pretty steady, it was coming from the same direction.  It wasn't like I got fooled a lot as far as, boy, I expected that to be downwind, it was into the wind.  I felt it was coming consistently from the same direction.  But it did get gusty at times and was blowing pretty good.
Because of that, I think that the greens really started to, down the stretch over the last few holes, the greens were starting to turn brown.
17th hole, I would gather there's a lot of balls over that green late in the day.  I thought we hit three really good iron shots and I think we held one on the back fringe.
So they're starting to firm up and maybe we're seeing a taste of what we'll get on the weekend.

Q.  What do you think about Adam and Bubba, the guys in front of you as front runners?
JIM FURYK:  Well, obviously they have a lot of experience around this course.  They have won, they have both won here.
I think the course suits Bubba very well for style of play.  He hits it so far.  When he's playing well, he really drives it straight as well.  So, long and straight down here, you give your self some short irons into greens where most guys have mid irons.  That's a nice benefit.
He must be playing very, very well.  I think he ripped off five or six birdies in a row on the back?  Pretty solid there.

Q.  Adam came back on the back, too and you played reasonably well back there, is it there for the taking, the back nine at Augusta?
JIM FURYK:  I wouldn't say that.  I think that you've got the two par‑5s that are reachable today.  They can jump up and bite you, but they're both very reachable.
You have to get through 10 and 11.
14 was a difficult pin.
You could funnel the ball to the pin on 16.
I thought you could funnel the ball to the hole on 18 real well too.
You had two reachable par‑5s, but probably three pins today low, where the ball, if you hit it in the right spot, would funnel back and give you a really good birdie look.
So yesterday we had a lot of those pins kind of in real high spots up on top.  There wasn't any you funneling to them, you had to hit one in there tight.

Q.  That pin at 5, have you seen it there before?
JIM FURYK:  No.  No.  Never in the tournament.  I played this event 17 or 18 times, I never seen a pin there.

Q.  Did it play differently because of that?
JIM FURYK:  You know, that's kind of a nice spot to bail out a lot for a few pins.  So I've had hit it there probably 50 times, trying to get it up on top, and then it becomes a head game of can you get it there when you want to.

Q.  Is there any kind of deeper explanation for why nobody's won this the first year since Fuzzy in the '70s, beyond just the quirks of the course?
JIM FURYK:  I think a lot of guys are in awe.  I know I was the first time you come here.
There is a lot of course knowledge.  Little tidbits you pick up year after year.  You go pick the guys' brains that have won the Tournament before, who have played a lot of golf here.  You figure out where balls feed in from, you figure out where you can play from.  If you do mishit a drive, where the spots are that I can put the ball and still make a par.
But it's just a golf course that needs a lot of knowledge.  Plus, we put a lot of pressure on ourselves as players around Major championships.
So the first time here is difficult, but it's going to happen.  It's just a matter of time.  It's not like 40 years from now they're not going to be saying the same thing.  Someone's going to have won.  We have more good young players on TOUR now, I think every generation has more guys ready to win at an earlier age, so we'll get some guys out here that will win the first time.

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