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April 11, 2014

Matthew Fitzpatrick


Q.  How was your first Masters?
MATTHEW FITZPATRICK:  Disappointed, obviously to miss by one is very disappointing.  But it's just one of them things.  It's not the end of the world.  Life goes on.

Q.  Were you cognizant of that over the putt?
MATTHEW FITZPATRICK:  Not a clue, no.  I've been asked this question already and I literally didn't have a clue on any of the holes today.  It was not like I was doing anything different.  You put 100 percent into every shot.

Q.  What will you take from the week?
MATTHEW FITZPATRICK:  I don't know, really.  It's a great experience.  I've enjoyed being here.  I'm just really disappointed.

Q.  I'm sure you'll get over it soon enough.
MATTHEW FITZPATRICK:  Yeah, I'm sure I will.  I'm sure I'll wake up tomorrow, just another day.  Yeah, I would like to be here for the weekend and to play in a Major championship, alone, but to make a cut is special.  Yeah, I'm very disappointed.

Q.  Are you playing in the PGA TOUR next week?
MATTHEW FITZPATRICK:  Yeah, I am.  I'm playing at Hilton Head.

Q.  What's the rest of your schedule like through the U.S. Open?
MATTHEW FITZPATRICK:  I've not really got much for May.  I'm not really playing in much.  I think the Lytham Trophy, maybe I'll play in that.  And then just for a holiday the week before and then play in the U.S. Open and see what happens, really.

Q.  What do you think about your game you need to work on?
MATTHEW FITZPATRICK:  I don't really know, to be honest.  I think I need to work on the putts.
This place, there's no place like it.  You don't play courses like it every day or every tournament, for that matter.
So, I don't know, I'll just have to see really what‑‑ yeah, hopefully I can improve over the next year or so, next few months and see where I am at the U.S. Open.

Q.  (Inaudible.)
MATTHEW FITZPATRICK:  Yeah, I guess so.  I guess that is a slight positive.  I'd rather be here for the weekend.  It's one of them things.

Q.  (Inaudible.)
MATTHEW FITZPATRICK:  No, when you hole a long putt and get a roar from the crowd it's pretty nice.  Playing 18 with Adam and Jason, that's pretty cool.  There's been a lot of good things happen.  I met a lot of nice people.

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