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November 3, 2001

Jim Furyk


JIM FURYK: The length of my birdie putts were all pretty close. I hit really good lines and gave myself a lot of opportunities for, birdie, and I made those putts. There was only a couple birdie putts where I just needed a couple birdie putts within 15 feet that I couldn't make. I had a long one at 17 that burned the edge and then come off one at 18 from about 25 feet that had a chance. I really gave myself a lot of opportunities to and I took advantage of them making a lot of putts.

Q. Was this kind of golf unexpected after the last few months?

JIM FURYK: Well, it isn't unexpected, no.

Q. (Inaudible.)

JIM FURYK: I don't think that my scores -- I really have been shooting around even par every day for the last three, four, five events. And just really, I haven't done anything extremely poorly. It is not like I am playing awful. I just haven't got the ball in the hole very well, and one day it is my putting, the next day I might hit a couple bad drives that hurt me. The next day I don't hit my irons all that great. It seems like always something was a little off and I didn't feel like I was playing bad. I add it up, I shoot 71, 72. Eventually you just keep plugging a way. I was frustrated my first two rounds because I felt like I was playing a lot better than the score I shot. And then today it is kind of like all of a sudden it was a -- the flood gates opened and I took advantage of a lot of those opportunities.

Q. (Inaudible.)

JIM FURYK: I really didn't make any changes. To be honest with you, I went to the range and hit pitching wedges for about ten minutes and went home. What the big difference was, I'm not quite sure. One of the things I haven't been doing very well, I haven't been turning the ball over very well. And today I said the heck with it, I'll just cut every shot no matter where the pin was. And I've been cutting it well and I quit fighting the draw a little bit. But from a mechanics standpoint, why you go out -- and I barely missed a fairway the first couple days an when I did, it was by a couple yards. Why I would drive the ball so well and then hit my irons 30 feet all day, I'm not sure. I don't know what was wrong with the approach, it seemed like when I hit it at the pin it was the wrong distance. I would hit it out to the right or the left. They weren't crisp. And maybe a lot of it is rhythm and timing. I went out there and hit some wedges for some timing yesterday. I was hitting them real smooth, like 115-yard shots and just trying to get some timing down and maybe it helped.

Q. With the course the way it was today and over the last few days, how important was it today to get a round in like that?

JIM FURYK: Well it is important. If I don't go out and fire a good number today, then I'm just going to, then Sunday becomes a day where you're trying to shoot a number to see how well you can finish in the event. It is one of the pride issues now. I don't know where the leaders are, but I would give myself maybe an opportunity to win the golf tournament if I play a really, really good round again tomorrow. But that's going to be determined on the back nine.

Q. Was this the kind of round that you felt before you even want out that you felt a good round cooking up or did something happened that really charged you up?

JIM FURYK: I told a couple other people. I felt pretty good about how I was playing the last couple days. I was a little unhappy with the way I hit my irons and I just didn't feel like I was scoring. I felt I could have got the ball in the hole a little better. And today I scored really well. I hit the ball a little better. I putted a little better. But at the end of the day when I made mistakes, I found a way out of it and I did a lot of thinking right and I found a way to put the ball in the hole.

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