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April 11, 2014

Oliver Goss


Q.テつ What a great way to spend your 20th birthday tomorrow.
OLIVER GOSS:テつ Exactly.テつ That's the last thing I'm thinking about.テつ 20th birthday tomorrow and that's the last thing I'm thinking of.テつ I'm just absolutely excited to be playing on the weekend, hopefully.テつ If they could make it official.テつ I think I'm in 41st at the moment, so it's looking pretty good.テつ The conditions are only going to get harder.

Q.テつ The last two holes for you, you had that tough putt on 16 that was super difficult and you make a bogey there.テつ How hard were those last two holes to keep your emotions and make sure finished strong?
OLIVER GOSS:テつ Now the wind's got up on 17 and 18 and playing quite hard.テつ Even though the wind is in our favor, it's downwind and down off the left for 18, but even though it's in our favor, it's playing really tough just to judge the wind, because it's swirling quite a bit out there, even though it's quite strong.
So I was just focusing on hitting it in the fairway.テつ The last drive I knew I had to make par.テつ I just to hit a great one up the fairway.テつ I just felt really great.

Q.テつ You got Brian Tam on your bag, an Augusta caddie, how much has he helped you with reading the greens here and stuff like that?
OLIVER GOSS:テつ He's helped me a lot.テつ He's been here about 10 years now, so he's got a really good grasp of the greens.テつ When I came down before the Tournament practicing, he gave me some really good reads and that's the reason I chose him.テつ So he's been invaluable for me the whole week.

Q.テつ Did you have to fight to get him, because he made the cut last year with the 14‑year‑old and I'm sure maybe a lot of other amateurs maybe wanted him too.
OLIVER GOSS:テつ Not really.テつ I had a different caddie when I came down in November, and then I think that someone recommended him.テつ So I didn't have to fight for him at all, he was just available.テつ I called him the next week after I played with him and confirmed it.

Q.テつ 13 your ball goes in Rae's Creek there, talk about your lie and you were able to play out of there, it looked like.
OLIVER GOSS:テつ I had 180 yards to the front and from where I was it felt gale force downwind.テつ So I thought, an easy 8‑iron gets over that creek.
Then, once I walked up to that green, I was really unsure of where the wind was.テつ So the wind was a huge factor there.テつ But luckily it stayed up on the grass and I was able to chip it out of there.テつ I missed the putt for birdie, but I was just happy to get out of there with a par after hitting in the hazard.

Q.テつ Talk about your second on 4, your third on 5 and maybe even your putt on 7.テつ Do you feel like you're getting a grasp of the course?
OLIVER GOSS:テつ Yeah, I held it together through my scrambling a little bit the last two days.テつ Hitting it a little bit scrappy yesterday.テつ I tidied it up again today.
But I'm holing a couple of good par putts out there and making a couple of good up‑and‑downs, so that's really good for the confidence.

Q.テつ Do you feel like you're getting a grip on the course already?
OLIVER GOSS:テつ Yeah, I think honestly that everyone knows the course out there, it's just a matter of executing your shot.テつ Anyone can play well if they execute their game well.

Q.テつ Do you have a feel already after a couple of tournament rounds?
OLIVER GOSS:テつ Yeah, I was confident this morning after yesterday.テつ Yesterday I was kind of getting my feet wet for tournament play.テつ So I felt good coming into today.

Q.テつ You're out there ahead of a few big names right now.テつ Do you feel that, this early, I know you're very young, that this is a place that you feel you could belong?
OLIVER GOSS:テつ I think so.テつ Yesterday I played pretty average and I managed to be in a 67th spot or something.テつ I think Phil Mickelson shot 4‑over and Ernie shot 3‑over.テつ I think Branden Grace shot 84 or something.テつ So it does make me feel like I do belong out here possibly in the future, which is great for the confidence.

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