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April 11, 2014

Louis Oosthuizen


Q.  Can you talk about 15 and the perils of just being around the green around here and the difficulties?
LOUIS OOSTHUIZEN:¬† Yeah, I mean, you know, I'm still trying to figure out how they fall.¬† I took more club, obviously, with that wind.¬† But my play was always pitching it five yards from the back, just going through the back of the fairway, which was fine.¬† But somehow I pitched them way too long and it went through to the rough.¬† Just seeing Matt get in the water with a 3‑wood, I only went 215 yards.¬† So I've got to be thinking that it's a slightly hurting wind.
I just got myself in a really awkward spot.  I didn't have much option to go for that chip.  If I went left I would have ended up in that bunker, and that's even a more difficult shot than I played.
So this golf course is all about leaving yourself in the right spots and that was an error.  So I know now not to go there again.

Q.  Yesterday you said you were going to smile your troubles away, did that work for you today?
LOUIS OOSTHUIZEN:¬† No‑‑ well, you know, a lot of things happen.¬† It's the early days, a lot of golf we play.¬† The way the wind is now, the scoring is going to be tough this afternoon.¬† At the moment, 5 off the pace, 36 to go, I'm happy.

Q.  How frustrating is it, though, you're climbing up the leaderboard and then all of a sudden it's gone?
LOUIS OOSTHUIZEN:¬† Not‑‑ I mean this type of golf course, you know that can happen.¬† You just need to focus and get on with it.¬† And, you know, I think it's more‑‑ it's more disappointing when on Sunday and something like that happens.¬† In the moment I'm in a good position for the tournament.

Q.  You said you want to go to the range.  What do you specifically want to work on?
LOUIS OOSTHUIZEN:  I want to go to the range and I'm looking at this now and the wind is really picking up.  I want to do a few 50 yard shots and just get a bit of a feel, especially in the wind like this.

Q.  How glad are you to be done when you're seeing the flags looking like they are now?
LOUIS OOSTHUIZEN:  Yeah, I'm pretty happy because yesterday afternoon was tough and the wind wasn't close to what it is now.  So I think you can expect really tough scoring out there this afternoon.

Q.  Talk about 13.
LOUIS OOSTHUIZEN:¬† Yeah, I mean I went for that tee shot, hit a big tee shot, and just a standard 7‑iron for me, you know.¬† Everything there is on your aiming on the second shot with the slope that you have. ¬†And I had a good shot to eight foot, I think.¬† And it was a pretty, pretty easy putt.

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