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April 11, 2014

Thomas Bjorn


Q.  Describe that day's work.
THOMAS BJORN:  It was a good day.  I played well.  I played solid all the way through.
You always worry about that back nine.  You don't really know where it's going to go.  I felt like I was pretty much in control of what I was doing.  It was almost like when I got through 13 I got a little bit‑‑ I hit two great shots on 13 and walked away with a 5.  And I was a little bit‑‑ I felt like I had to be a little bit more aggressive in my golf and I took on the shots on 14 and 16 and they paid off.
And then it was good to get on the 18th and tap it in for a birdie and sign for 68.  A good day's work.

Q.  Is it possible to say where that round sits in all the rounds you've played here?
THOMAS BJORN:  It was a good one.  Right up there.  It was right up there.  It's a tricky golf course.  And you can try and do the right thing, but if you're not quite on, it becomes extremely difficult out here.
So today I tried to do the right things and I executed it well.  It's right up there.  I felt comfortable on the golf course today and that's always a sign that you've got a good idea of where your golf swing is and how you're hitting the ball.  Because if you're not in control of what you're doing you don't feel comfortable on this golf course.

Q.  How do you like your position?
THOMAS BJORN:  It's better than most.

Q.  What's been the secret that you had another great round out here?  What's clicked for you here?
THOMAS BJORN:  I came out here last year and I played very poor.  And I always felt like when I came in here I had to play so well to do any good.
And I came in here last year and played poor and I think I finished just inside the top‑30 or whatever.  And I just felt like I've learned so much from that week last year that I could‑‑ even without playing great ‑‑ I could find the way around the golf course, put myself in positions.  And it was probably the first time I really understood the golf course completely.
And when I came in this week I just felt like that's what you have to do.  And then if you play well then you've got to‑‑ then you've got a chance of putting good numbers together.  But if you don't play very well you've still got to try to position yourself and do the right things on the golf course.  And I certainly did that today.  I felt very good about the way I played around the course today.

Q.  It was funny, Phil Mickelson said the same thing.  He said he likes this place because he doesn't have to be perfect.  He can make mistakes and get up and down and get away with it.
THOMAS BJORN:  Yeah, if you put yourself in the right position.  And if you put yourself in the wrong position ‑‑ I put myself ‑‑ on a couple of holes today I made a couple‑‑ I was just a bit off.  I hit it in the left bunker on 4, almost impossible and I didn't hit a particularly great drive off 11.  I had to go short right and it just kicked on the level with the bunker and then all of a sudden you're dead.
And that's the two holes today where I felt like I didn't get into position.  And then you walk away with bogey.  And that's just‑‑ that's the way the golf course is.  But there's so many holes where you get yourself in a little bit of trouble and just hit it there and you've got a pretty easy chip, but it becomes pretty simple to make 4.  But that's the balance of this golf course.  And we know it, but sometimes we get a little bit too cute with our golf and you take on too much and then it will bite you.

Q.  The details of the birdies on 14, 15, 16, please?
THOMAS BJORN:  14 I hit a driver and an 8‑iron to about 18 feet.
On 15 I hit a driver and laid up and hit a lob wedge to about 10 feet.
And then on 16 I hit a 7‑iron to about 8 feet.

Q.  On 17?
THOMAS BJORN:  I pulled my drive on the 7th fairway.  And I actually hit it up right of the green and just chipped it down to 12 feet and missed it.

Q.  Not the Eisenhower tree to blame that one on?
THOMAS BJORN:  No.  It would certainly have hit the Eisenhower tree if it was there.

Q.  And then 18?
THOMAS BJORN:  A good drive and an 8‑iron.

Q.  You have a new swing coach, what does that mean to you?
THOMAS BJORN:  We do some good work.  And it clicks right away.  I started working with him last year and it just kind of fell into a really good run in the back of the year.  So we've got confidence in each other.  We had a great week last week together in Orlando and that just kind of makes things easier when you've got belief in the people you've got around you.

Q.  Happy you're still here?
THOMAS BJORN:  Absolutely.  I'm going to hit balls then go home and put my feet up.

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