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April 11, 2014

Matt Jones


Q.  What's your assessment?
MATT JONES:  Tough.  Can't be off anywhere.  I putted horrendously and didn't hit it well enough from the fairways into the greens.

Q.  What can you take out of this experience, your first time?
MATT JONES:  Get a little better at understanding the golf course, where to go, where to hit it, where not to hit it.  It was tough to play today.
I'll be better prepared next year‑‑ well, if I come back.  Hopefully, I get to come back.  I'll be able to come out and prepare before the Tournament, too, so I can get a much better feel for the golf course.

Q.  Would you come out the week before?
MATT JONES:  Definitely come out the week before.  Well, I would play Houston, but get out here early and get better lines off tees and better lines into greens.  Just to get a better understanding of where to put it.

Q.  (No Microphone.)
MATT JONES:  Yeah, it's been busy.  I got two weeks off now, I can go and rest.  It was great.  It's great to be here.  I have my family here.  I'm going to come out and watch the next couple of days anyway and enjoy it and have a couple of beers with friends and family and enjoy being here.

Q.  Were you able to get everybody here that you wanted to?
MATT JONES:  I was.  Everyone is here.  Mom and dad, my coach, my wife and two daughters, and some in‑laws and some friends from Arizona, which is good.

Q.  What was the most sentimental part of the week?
MATT JONES:  Oh, playing the par‑3 with my wife and daughter and my brother caddieing was pretty good.
On the golf course when I played, probably eagling 13 was pretty good, a pretty good experience.

Q.  The hole‑in‑one.
MATT JONES:  Yeah, well that was the par‑3.  That was the family.  Having my daughter pick that out of the hole was pretty cool.

Q.  No crystal today?
MATT JONES:  No.  I didn't come close to crystal today.

Q.  (No Microphone.)
MATT JONES:  Good.  He knows how to get it around this course.  He hit some very wild shots and made birdies from every where.  So he just knows the spots to miss it where, playing a Regular Tour event, I would be the same way.  I would hit wild shots, but you know where to put it.  That comes from 30 years of playing out here.

Q.  You probably know the history coming up 18, don't you?
MATT JONES:  Yeah.  He got up‑and‑down for birdie to win.

Q.  Are you looking forward to sort of taking your game to a level that you've expected to be at?
MATT JONES:  I'm looking forward to a couple weeks off now.  Then play the Charlotte tournament and then the PLAYERS and hopefully have Gary come over for them.  Then Colonial, Memorial and I think I should be, worst case, good enough for the British Open in my World Ranking.  Hopefully, good enough for the U.S. Open.  I'll be in from Shell.  PLAYERS, be in that, anyway.

Q.  (No Microphone.)

Q.  Have you ever been to Britain?
MATT JONES:  No, I never played a British Open.  So I think I'll get in.  I'm going to play the Scottish and the British.  Do a little bit of practice over there.

Q.  Is the British sort of an area that you grew up watching that?
MATT JONES:  Yeah, I think I would be more comfortable at a British Open golf course.  Coming back here next year I'm going to have to do a lot of work hitting balls off up slopes and down slopes.  Which you don't really get an understanding of before you come here.  I know that's one of my weaknesses, hitting up an up slope.

Q.  (No Microphone.)
MATT JONES:  Couldn't tell you.  I played the British Amateur in '97.  Played some links courses over here.  Whistling Straits.  I prefer getting my ball coming in lower anyway.  I think that, coming in here, everything has to be high and spinning, which it's tough and I'll have to figure that out for next year as well.

Q.  (No Microphone.)
MATT JONES:  It changes my schedule now.  I can pick and choose.  With a win you have a two‑year exemption.  So I don't have to keep playing to keep my card.  I can work harder physically on my body now, because I have time to do it, to get better and be refreshed and then be ready to play and focus on playing the tournaments and work hard on the tournaments I'm playing in, instead of just trying to get points and keep the card.

Q.  (No Microphone.)
MATT JONES:  I'll be ready, hopefully, for the U.S. Open.  Exactly.  I got to sleep in my own bed this week, not with my wife and that, so that was disappointing, but I'll sleep in there tonight with her.

Q.  What daughter took it out of the hole?
MATT JONES:  My first daughter.

Q.  How is the little one?
MATT JONES:  She's good.  She travels great.  She just sleeps and eats.  She's a great little girl.  She treats mom well.

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