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April 10, 2014

Oliver Goss

OLIVER GOSS:テつ It is amazing, to put all the hard work in.テつ I had a little thought this morning, every other tournament you play you try and play like you're in the Masters.テつ But for the Masters you try and treat it like just another tournament (laughter).
I felt quite comfortable out there after the first hole.テつ I was fine.テつ And I got a little nervous a couple of times because of the big crowd.テつ But it felt amazing to be out there.

Q.テつ I was curious on your drives, how was it, how did it feel?テつ Where did the first drive end up?
OLIVER GOSS:テつ In the 9th fairway.テつ And I had a clear shot to the green. (Laughter.)テつ I unfortunately hit on the green and 3‑putted
Q.Can you describe your day?
OLIVER GOSS:テつ I was actually more nervous on Tuesday, the practice round with Scotty.テつ But I thought I handled myself pretty good.テつ Just a couple of things I need to work on.テつ But I'm looking forward to tomorrow.

Q.テつ (Inaudible.)
OLIVER GOSS:テつ There was a couple of putts out there that just could have been a couple short.

Q.テつ (Inaudible.)
OLIVER GOSS:テつ Yeah, I think so.テつ I got off to a pretty ugly start and I just thought if I could get something going I would be all right.テつ And the birdie on 8 did it for me.テつ Holed that for a 10‑ or 12‑footer for birdie there.

Q.テつ Who is out here supporting you?
OLIVER GOSS:テつ I have both my parents over here, my grandparents, my girlfriend, her mother is here, and I've got a bunch of Tennessee fans are here.テつ I heard about 200, "Go Vols!"テつ today, and it's great to have all the support out there.

Q.テつ Would the score, would you have been happy if we gave it to you before today?
OLIVER GOSS:テつ I don't know.テつ After playing I figured it was a decent score.テつ I need a good run tomorrow to be right in the mix.

Q.テつ Are you glad to be tied low amateur at the moment, if nothing else, as well?
OLIVER GOSS:テつ Yeah, I didn't know that.テつ I just found out.テつ That's good to know, yeah.

Q.テつ What happened there on 18?
OLIVER GOSS:テつ I hit my drive a little left and it kicked off the tree, back down the fairway.テつ So I had about 201 to the pin yards.テつ And had a 6‑iron and it just got away from me.
I really struggled with the wind today.テつ It wasn't very strong at times, but it was swirling, every 30 seconds.テつ I really struggled on the front nine, especially.

Q.テつ After you stabilized things, after you bogeyed three straight holes (inaudible.)
OLIVER GOSS:テつ I think everything that happened today helped me for tomorrow.テつ So I learned from my mistakes early today and I'll play well tomorrow.

Q.テつ What was the most important piece of advice you got from Adam?
OLIVER GOSS:テつ He didn't really give me too much.テつ He basically just kept me calm out there.テつ We just chitchatted, and just kept me calm.

Q.テつ He said he didn't want to give you too much information or it would overload you.テつ I understand Jason did give you basically‑‑
OLIVER GOSS:テつ Yeah, I had several where Jason ‑‑ where he wouldn't stop talking (laughter.)テつ I took it all in.テつ He talked about everything, from gym stuff to‑‑ everything.テつ And I just took it all in.テつ I didn't have to ask pretty much of him.

Q.テつ Which one was better?
OLIVER GOSS:テつ You can't take away from any of these guys, the top four players in the world, and obviously know this place pretty good.

Q.テつ How was it this morning, you were talking yesterday about being out in the morning, did you sleep good?
OLIVER GOSS:テつ I slept really good, which is different.テつ The night before the U.S. Amateur (inaudible.)テつ So it was really good to get a good night's sleep.テつ I woke up early.

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