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April 10, 2014

Tom Watson

Q.テつ (No Microphone.)
TOM WATSON:テつ I made six.テつ I hit a perfect shot on the second shot, but it was just too far away.テつ It hit in the middle of the green and went over the green.テつ I had too many uneven lies, I didn't deal with very well today, and I putted lousy and shot 78.

Q.テつ Greens particularly faster than any other time?
TOM WATSON:テつ No.テつ Perfect.テつ They were nice.テつ Instead of standing on a down slope like this with a 4‑iron, I need to be on a slight down slope with a 7‑iron, like I used to.テつ It's kind of hard to do with a 4‑iron.

Q.テつ So unlucky a little?
TOM WATSON:テつ No, no, just not hitting my irons so bad.テつ The bad lies being the uneven lie, they're not bad lie, they're just uneven lies.

Q.テつ In the fairway?
TOM WATSON:テつ Yeah, in the fairway.テつ I didn't manage them very well.テつ I didn't make the putts that I had to.
I made one long putt for par at 14, but overall I drove the ball beautifully and hit some good quality shots from level lies, but I couldn't do it from the uneven lies.
That's the golf course though.テつ That's the golf course here.テつ People don't realize how difficult this golf course is because of the uneven lies.テつ We go out for the practice rounds and we hit a lot off the flat lies and you rarely ever get an even lie on this golf course.テつ You really don't have a flat lie on this golf course.
You have the ball below your feet, ball below your feet is on a down slope.テつ You have it on the up slope.テつ You have a baseball swing at it on 13.
14, you got the up slope with the ball below your feet that way.
You've got all kind of different lies, unless you hit it, unless you bomb it out there.テつ You hit it to the flats.テつ I can't hit it to the flats.

Q.テつ What's frustrated you so far?
TOM WATSON:テつ I'm frustrated that I didn't manage those lies like I know sometimes I can.テつ I didn't manage those lies today and I'm disappointed.テつ I'm disappointed that I shot 78.テつ That's the score I've been shooting the last couple years in the first couple rounds.テつ It's not very good.

Q.テつ When you had a chance to win and maybe didn't pull it off at the end, did you tell yourself that you were playing well enough, not to take it too hard?
TOM WATSON:テつ No, I was frustrated.テつ You went to the practice range and you tried to figure out how to hit the shots, don't hit the shots in the water like Matt did and don't hit the shots like I did.
The best time to practice is after you finish your round of golf, so you have it fresh in your mind and can figure out, how do I play it better the next time I have that shot.テつ That worked with me.

Q.テつ You never took much comfort from a loss then?

Q.テつ Is your schedule going to change at all this year?
TOM WATSON:テつ I'm going to play the Heritage next week, which I haven't played in years.テつ The reason is I want to go see some of the younger players there.
I'll be able to see them at the Greenbrier Classic, I'll be able to see them at the Open Championship, and the PGA.テつ I'll have a chance to see them at PLAYERS.

Q.テつ Have you done any scouting this week?
TOM WATSON:テつ Yeah, I did.テつ I played with Jimmy Walker, a practice round with him.テつ He's a wonderful player.テつ I had a chance to sit down with a couple of the players and talk with them.テつ I'll have a chance to get to know the players and them get to know me a little bit.

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