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April 10, 2014

Craig Stadler

Q.  Did you watch Kevin tee off?

Q.  He did pretty well today.
CRAIG STADLER:  No idea what he shot.

Q.  2‑under today.
CRAIG STADLER:  Did he?  Good.

Q.  Did you go out early to watch him tee off?
CRAIG STADLER:  No.  No, we were 40 minutes apart.  Would have been nice if we were right behind or an hour apart to watch him tee off, but it didn't happen.

Q.  It was kind of tough for you out there today.
CRAIG STADLER:  Um‑hum.  I played like a moron.  I actually hit a lot of decent shots, I just 3‑putted five or six times or missed a green and made bogey and it added up to a heck of a lot.  It was ugly.

Q.  How much did Kevin ask you or has he asked you about this place?
CRAIG STADLER:  Not much.  A little bit on Tuesday, couple questions about greens and whatever, but not a whole lot.

Q.  Do you think he's got a chance?
CRAIG STADLER:  He's driving it really good.  He's evolved into a wonderful iron player.  He hits it high.  So, he does what you need to do around here and it's kind of just a matter of how friendly his putter is day in and day out, I think, because he hits it good enough.
My whole game stinks.  The putting just accentuates it.

Q.  When you go out here and get to play with him on Tuesday, is it more PGA player/PGA player or is it still a lot of father/son?
CRAIG STADLER:  No, I could have really cared less whoever the two were.  I don't see him very often, we're always traveling one way or another, I think I was home 11 weeks last year.  One year we played Hilton Head and Savannah the same week and I went up pretty much every day and watched him.
But other than that I'm here and he's there and we never cross paths, we're never close to each other out on the road.  We're usually opposite ends of the country.
But the next couple years, when I kind of ‑‑ it will be quicker than that if I have many more of these days ‑‑ but when I quit playing, I'll go out and follow him a bit.  He'll do fine.

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