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January 8, 2000

David Duval


JAMES CRAMER: We have David Duval with us, a 6-under-par 67 for a 7-under 212 total. Good round today, David. Why don't we go over your six birdies before we open up for questions.

DAVID DUVAL: I bogeyed the 1st hole. Hit a pitching wedge to 20 feet, 22 feet. 2nd hole I hit 6-iron to about 20 feet. Oh, boy, I don't know. The 5th hole I hit 5-iron to about ten feet and 2-putted. 6, I chipped on to eight feet maybe. The 12th hole I hit it down in front of the green, chipped it to about two foot. 18, I hit it down there just over that bunker and chipped onto, you know, 18 feet, something like that. I believe that's all.

JAMES CRAMER: Questions for David?

Q. What changed today? What got it going for you?

DAVID DUVAL: Nothing changed; just made a couple of putts today.

Q. Was the wind much different than it's been the first two days?

DAVID DUVAL: No, it seemed very similar.

Q. Starting to feel it like you did last year out there today?

DAVID DUVAL: I felt good all week. I simply made some putts today. I mean, if you watched me play the last two days, I simply didn't make putts. If anything, I actually didn't hit the ball quite as close today as I have the last two days. I just made the putts today. Pretty simple.

Q. Thoughts on the second shot on 18? Did that pretty much end up where you thought it would or were you a little worried?

DAVID DUVAL: Actually, I wasn't worried. I didn't expect it to hit short there, you know. It just got blown left with the wind more than I had anticipated. You know, I didn't see the ball land, so I don't know what happened when it hit the ground. It was nice where it was.

Q. Els, Woods, Duval at the top of the board. Do you get jacked up playing against those guys more so?

DAVID DUVAL: I don't know. It's hard to say "more so." It might be fair, though. You know, I'm glad I have a chance now. Starting the day out, it didn't look too good for me. You know, I played very well today, made some putts. Now I have a legitimate chance.

Q. You say it didn't look too good, because of the way you were playing or the fact that Tiger had the big lead?

DAVID DUVAL: Because I was eight behind the lead. That's why.

Q. Did you go out consciously trying to "make something happen" today?

DAVID DUVAL: Not really. I really didn't. Just kind of did on the first two holes, making a couple nice putts. All of a sudden I'm two through two. I very easily could have been 5-under through five really. Actually, six through six. I hit some pretty good putts that just didn't go in. You know, it was simply a matter of making a couple putts. To make those two early was nice. You know, it's nice to get under quick here in this wind because it's a tough golf course the way it plays, the way it's set up. To get a couple under par quickly, it's a good feeling, kind of like you have something in the bank, you know.

Q. Do you ever do that in a tournament? Do you ever wake up and say, "I have to make something happen," more than any other day?

DAVID DUVAL: I think sometimes in these kind of situations where you feel like you need to. That's the one thing you really don't want to do. I think you'll tighten up a little bit then. You simply won't perform as well. Although you might feel like you need to, it's something I would recommend you steering clear of doing.

Q. Were you putting them better or reading them better?

DAVID DUVAL: I just made them (laughter). It sounds silly, but I putted well the first two days. I lipped out numerous putts. You know, when you're hitting the hole a lot, you're putting well. They just went in today. I was maybe a fraction more accurate, I don't know. They just went in. Maybe it was the speed. But I don't feel like I putted really any differently; it was just nice to see them go in.

Q. Could the difference of them going in be the first couple holes, you feel differently?

DAVID DUVAL: That certainly helps, starting out making a couple nice putts. If anything, on the 1st hole, my ball kind of lipped in, you know. It didn't really do a big 180 lip-in, but it caught the left lip and dove in. That was nice to say. I'd seen all of them get spit out this week. You know, it certainly gives you that little bit of confidence; maybe that's what was lacking.

Q. I want to follow up on this "go," "don't go" thing. Are you saying, When I go seven-eight-seven, I have to tell myself, "I've got to start making some bogeys"?

DAVID DUVAL: I'd learn about making doubles first, triples and quads (laughter).

JAMES CRAMER: Thank you.

End of FastScripts….

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