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April 5, 2014

Rickie Fowler


RICKIE FOWLER:  Couple more opportunities out there I wish I could take advantage of.  Trying to get rid of a couple things each day and made a couple out there for today.  I'm learning each day, really focusing on getting ready for next week.  Obviously I want to play well and have a good tournament here, but no, starting to feel comfortable out here this week, and I've been putting well the last few weeks.  So just trying to get everything going in the right direction.

Q.  How much did the good play out there getting comfortable with the Butch Harmon stuff, if at all?
RICKIE FOWLER:  Making a few good swings in a row definitely gives me confidence.  I've been swinging well all year, really kind of getting everything clicking at the same time, the ball striking and short game and putting.  It's golf.  It's tough to have everything going, you know.  Sometimes can't really control it; sometimes happens and that's the reason you play.

Q.  How important is a good week here for next week?
RICKIE FOWLER:  Getting some good reps in, good ball striking definitely helps around Augusta.  It's really hard to prepare green-wise for a place like Augusta, but, you know, they do a great job here in Houston of getting the course condition-wise set up with the fairways mowed into the grain and the chipping and similar stuff.  It's good prep for next week and I'm excited to be playing well.
Wasn't easy with the wind today.  It was heavy wind today.  Wasn't blowing too hard at times, but definitely affected the ball flight a bit.  Hit a lot of quality good shots and happened to roll in a couple putts.

Q.  How do you like where you're sitting?
RICKIE FOWLER:  Kuch is out there playing well.  He's kind of distanced himself.  Solid round today put me in a great position to golf tomorrow and honestly don't get too much weather and can go out and make some birdies and do good.

Q.  When you're in striking distance, do you take an aggressive approach?
RICKIE FOWLER:  Really just kind of playing the same way I have the past few days, trying to eliminate a couple of mistakes each day, and today I played pretty well, made a couple mistakes.  Do the same thing we did today tomorrow and get a couple more putts to go.

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