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April 5, 2014

Ben Curtis


Q.テつ Pretty happy with the round.テつ You played so well early.テつ Little disappointed on the last few holes.
BEN CURTIS:テつ Yeah.テつ Those are obviously the two hardest holes, especially 18.テつ Yeah, start the day to say you're going to be 1-under par, finish the round you would have took it especially with the forecast and a lot of tough pins as well.テつ Seemed like they were always on top of the ridges and seemed like quite a few back pins as well.テつ Yeah, played tough, but that's the way I like it.テつ Obviously tough out there, but, you know, I made a few out there.

Q.テつ What course do you think Kuchar is playing?
BEN CURTIS:テつ Yeah, it's unbelievable.テつ He's on a great roll the last few years.テつ Obviously he's playing very confidently, and that makes a huge difference.テつ Joking today like that shot I hit on 14, you know, six months ago I probably threw in the towel but just kept fighting through it.テつ When you play good, oh, well, it's no big deal.

Q.テつ You made a couple of loose swings.テつ That one iron shot really was the only one.テつ The shot you hit at 7 where you three-putted that kind of the wind laid down.
BEN CURTIS:テつ Kind of switched a little bit.テつ I don't know if it laid down or just switched a little bit, but, yeah, I mean, obviously just left myself a couple of putts, but overall I'm very pleased.

Q.テつ How do you like where you're sitting right now?
BEN CURTIS:テつ Obviously like to be closer to the lead.テつ Matt is playing so good, I left myself in a good position where if I play good tomorrow, who knows what will happen.

Q.テつ How is your approach for this tomorrow?
BEN CURTIS:テつ You just got the play with a hole by hole and shot by shot.テつ Just depends on what it's doing at the time, and just seemed like a lot of pins were up on the plateaus and stuff today, so it played very difficult, but, yeah, I'm pleased and happy.テつ Anytime you can shoot under par on a PGA TOUR, you're not going to hurt yourself.

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