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April 4, 2014

Stacy Lewis


Q. ¬†You were struggling with the driver going right yesterday, and today it looked a little better and then you got the 3‑wood out and‑‑
STACY LEWIS:¬† Yeah, we worked like three hours yesterday afternoon and then came out this morning and worked another hour before I did my warm‑up, and it was‑‑ I just can't get comfortable with my driver.¬† I hit some okay, but I kind of flared one out on 7 and another one on 9, and it just got to the back nine where 3‑wood was plenty of club, so I just started hitting 3‑wood and hit a few good ones and actually hit a couple good drivers coming in.

Q.  What were you working on?
STACY LEWIS:  A lot of it was ball position, and then just getting out in front of it.  I'd get out there on the court and want to hit it hard, and the body is just going really fast right now, so I was just trying to get my arms moving a little bit quicker.

Q.¬† That last shot‑‑
STACY LEWIS:¬† Yeah, the irons have been so solid.¬† I hit the ball really‑‑ once I got off the tee, I hit the ball great, even yesterday.¬† You know, if I can just kind of iron the driver out a little bit, I could make some birdies.

Q.  What did you hit on 17?
STACY LEWIS:¬† 17 was just a little 5‑iron.

Q.  Can you kind of talk about how up and down round but you closed it strong, kind of the momentum that gives you going into the weekend?
STACY LEWIS:  Yeah, you know, I didn't play my best, but I managed it really well, didn't have to work too hard, which was nice, and it's always great to birdie the last.  I hit a great shot in there and finally got rewarded for one, but I'm only six back right now, and with two rounds at a major you're never out of it.

Q.  Especially for a major champion.  Can you talk about how the experience of being there before knowing that six shots in a major championship is something that can be overcome, can you talk about how that plays into your mindset?
STACY LEWIS:¬† Yeah, I remember playing here with Morgan when she won, and we were quite a ways back going into the day, and she just grinded and grinded and grinded.¬† We finished a good 45 minutes before the other groups, but we still‑‑ she still ended up winning.¬† You're always in it in a major.¬† You're never out of it until that last putt falls.

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