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April 4, 2014

Matt Jones


Q.  Little different day than when you woke up this morning than yesterday.  Little calm, late in the day, and all of a sudden it was blowing this morning?
MATT JONES:  Yeah, it was.  We warmed up the first hole, it was straight downwind.  It was probably blowing 15 miles an hour to start with.  It felt like that all day, very gusty and swirly.  It's tough to get the wind right.

Q.  Tell me about the golf course and how it changed through the day.  Did the wind dry it out a little bit or is it still kind of hanging in there?
MATT JONES:  It didn't dry it out that much.  I'm sure it will this afternoon.  This morning it was still pretty soft.  Downwind, still stopped the ball quick enough.  That's why you see some good scores out there right now.

Q.  4-under par yesterday, 4-under today, would you rank one better than the other?
MATT JONES:  Probably today.  I hit it pretty good today especially playing the last, driver, 3-iron was nice shot.  It's difficult out there, but there's still plenty of scoreable holes.

Q.  The way I'm playing right now, I'll take a 5 on 18 and not even tee it up right now.
MATT JONES:  I was thinking that myself.  Moved the tee up 20 yards.

Q.  Great playing.

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