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April 3, 2014

Amy Alcott


Q.テつ So you played with Shanshan.テつ Just kind of anything that you noticed that stuck out to you about her character, about her game, anything like that?
AMY ALCOTT:テつ Well, she's very polite on the first tee.テつ She said I know you've won here three times and you're ‑‑ I don't know if she used the word icon or famous, but she said I want to try to learn from you how to win here.テつ She was very sweet starting off, and we were talkative.
We talked about a lot of things, and I gave her some various little tips along the way about making sure she drank a tremendous amount of water because we're in the desert.テつ It's a desert course, and she needs to keep herself hydrated.テつ Sometimes that's just as important as how you're playing so that you have good mental clarity.テつ But we just exchanged thoughts, just kind of just in general.テつ I was talking to her about a little bit about her equipment and how far she hits the ball.テつ She was excited to be playing in the Olympics, because I told her I was going to be‑‑ I am designing the golf course for the Olympics with Gil Hanse, my partner, so she said she was very excited about the possibility of playing golf in the Olympics.
For me, I wanted just to see this young generation of players up close and personal.テつ Not only that I love playing in this event, but just to be a little more up close and personal and just see what a powerful player she is, how she swings within herself.テつ She doesn't try to overpower the ball.テつ She hits it very solid.テつ Just a very, very talented young player.テつ So I was very impressed with her putting and just her overall game, just how she managed herself on the golf course.テつ I look for her to do great things.

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