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March 30, 2014

Martina Hingis

Sabine Lisicki


4‑6, 6‑4, 10‑5

THE MODERATOR:  Questions, please.

Q.  Congratulations.  Martina, can you tell us what does it feel like to win a tournament after so many years?
MARTINA HINGIS:  Well, obviously it's very exciting, you know, when you convert the match point and, you know, you're like, Yes, we did it (smiling).
But she played incredible.¬† I mean, that super‑tiebreaker, I was like, Okay, I better put the ball in and let her do the rest, because she was really on fire.¬† You know, from 5‑All, it was 10‑5, and it was just amazing.¬† Yeah.
I mean, she definitely gets going when it's tight.  Where sometimes other players go down, she gets up and lifts her level.
I mean, I just tried to, you know, at least not to make the mistake and just let her play, right?  So it's amazing, yeah.

Q.  Do you have intentions of continuing to play tournaments?  What's the future like?
MARTINA HINGIS:  Well, I think two weeks ago when you asked me, it probably would be a completely different answer from today (smiling).
Like last week, I was like, I'm not sure if I want to put myself out there like this and lose first, second round.
Now, after this victory, definitely things change.¬† Yeah.¬† Now it's definitely ‑‑ Sabine's next week priority is singles, and see how that goes in the next tournament, but yeah.¬† Well, I would be very happy to continue to play some more doubles, of course.

Q.  As you said, you lost in the first round in Indian Wells two weeks ago.  After that, I saw you practice very hard on the practice court.
MARTINA HINGIS:  Yeah, well, I had to get going.  Because we were so close, like even in last year, and I was like every time so close.  I'm like, I'm not losing another first round no matter what.
I saw the draw again, and we thought, Okay, this is definitely a tough match, but then if we overcome last time, we get really close, and it was better and better, and I think, yeah, if we can fit together and like some of the things that makes a difference, and we did it this week definitely.
The first match was huge, definitely, with the confidence, and after, one by one.
SABINE LISICKI:  And the quarters.
MARTINA HINGIS:  And the quarters.  Seven match points, yeah.

Q.  As you know, Martina Navratilova, after she retired, she played another 10 years in doubles.  I want to know if that's an inspiration?
MARTINA HINGIS:  Good for her (smiling and  indicating thumbs up).
I just take it one at a time here now.  I think we play the next tournament, just really enjoy it.
MARTINA HINGIS:  And go out there and have fun.  Yeah.

Q.  Sabine, can you tell us, the thought of playing with Martina and what have you learned playing with her?
SABINE LISICKI:  It's great.  The most important thing for us is to enjoy it.  We go out there and we have fun.
It obviously helps me a lot for the singles to have also matches that, you know, to get into.  I didn't have enough matches this year because of injury and things like that, you know, all the nerves that come in.
And being in a final, there is nothing on the practice court that, you know, can make the situation even close to that.
Obviously with Martina, I always wanted to play with her.  We talked about it at Wimbledon last year, and finally we did it here in the States.  I think we are just happy we enjoy it, and we will see when we play next.  Yeah.

Q.  Can you guys talk about the tiebreak, seven points in a row, how that turned around.  Especially, Martina, you did amazing backhand lob.
MARTINA HINGIS:¬† Oh, yeah, butwe were 8‑5 winning.¬† It's first to get there.
I think the key was definitely when we were 4‑5 down, and Sabine hit that like long rally and winner, that backhand to equal 5‑All.
From there, I mean, they tried to obviously play her and break her down, but that's when...
SABINE LISICKI:  I love those moments.
MARTINA HINGIS:  Yeah, she didn't let it happen.  So that's when she really even stepped it up.  She was like a Chinese wall and hitting even faster.
Yeah.  She was incredible.  I mean, I didn't have to do that much really.  So they played her, and, yeah, the lob was already for match point.  I mean, great, I felt really good, but the work was done before by her.

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