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March 30, 2014

Laura Diaz


MODERATOR:テつ We're here with Laura Diaz who had a crazy day yesterday and an even crazier day today.テつ Laura, two hole‑in‑ones, two eagles ‑‑ well, I should say one hole‑in‑one and one eagle each of the last two days.
What's going on with you out there?
LAURA DIAZ:テつ Well, a little bit ago, I guess about three months ago, my husband introduced me to Train to be Clutch, run by Joshua Metcalf, and really just helped me work on my mental game.
Anything is possible, and I think yesterday my brother sent me a message saying, "To hit it five feet requires skill; to make it go in is luck; to do both is hard work paying off."
So, I don't know.テつ I went out today hoping I could get another one, just really using my head to see how wild and crazy it could get.テつ Then it happened and I went nuts.
It's pretty crazy.
MODERATOR:テつ It is pretty crazy.テつ Let me read you a statistic:テつ It's only the second time ever that one player has had two hole‑in‑ones at one event.
It's the first time ever on the LPGA Tour that a player followed up a hole‑in‑one with an eagle.
How does that feel?
LAURA DIAZ:テつ It's pretty amazing.テつ You know, I'm very fortunate.テつ I have an amazing support system.テつ And my husband, Kevin, who's the coach on the Wake Forest University, he really has stuck by my side to kind of get me over the hump.
I'm just fortunate.テつ I have an amazing family, my mom and dad, and my kids be Cooper and Lily.テつ I love you.
I just think that anything is possible.テつ Today just proved it; yesterday proved it.テつ I'm just‑‑ I don't even know what else to say.
MODERATOR:テつ How will you celebrate?テつ Will someone buy you drinks or will you buy people drinks?
LAURA DIAZ:テつ Well, I'm hoping to celebrate while I drive in my new Kia to the Kraft Championship.
Other than that, I really want to hold my kids.テつ I haven't seen them for two weeks.テつ So anything to get a little closer to them.テつ That's what I'm looking for.

Q.テつ What did you use today on your ace?
LAURA DIAZ:テつ Today I hit a 6‑iron.テつ I was trying to hit it a little left to right high and take a little bit off of it, and yeah, I did it.テつ It went in.
And then...

Q.テつ It was hole 6, right?
LAURA DIAZ:テつ Hole 6.

Q.テつ Hole 3 yesterday?
LAURA DIAZ:テつ Hole 3 yesterday.テつ Then on 7 today I was actually in between clubs.テつ I was thinking of hitting a pitching wedge, and then the wind kicked up and I changed to my 50, which is the club that I holed out twice yesterday.
MODERATOR:テつ Thank you, Laura and we hope we see another hole‑in‑one at the Kraft.

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