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March 30, 2014

Lexi Thompson


THE MODERATOR:  We're here with Lexi Thompson after a great finish there at Kia.  You gave a nice fist pump after that big birdie on 18.  What was going through your head?
LEXI THOMPSON:  No.18 is a hard hole to begin with so you just try to get into the fairway and have a good shot to that pin.
Once I saw the 20‑footer going up the hill, I told my caddie I was going to make it.¬† I just got up tight, I felt good over it.¬† I usually don't fist pump, but I was feeling the moment.

Q.  It was a good smile, too.  So you have a good fist pump, good finish here.  What does that mean going into Kraft for you?
LEXI THOMPSON:  It means a lot for me.  I went into this week with a positive attitude, went out there and smiled and laughed with my caddie, just relaxed.  I think that's when my game shows the best.  I'm going to take a big confidence booster going into next week into a major.  I'm really looking forward to it.

Q.  Did you have a number in mind that you thought you had to hit and did that number change as you went through the day?
LEXI THOMPSON:¬† I actually didn't think about a number going in.¬† I obviously knew I had to get to double‑digits.¬† I had to take one shot at a time and play the way I did the last three days.¬† Pretty solid.¬† The course is in great shape for us.¬† I tried to take one shot at a time, and when the birdies dropped, I just went for them.

Q.  Do you wait around now to see what Anna does?
LEXI THOMPSON:¬† Yeah, well, I do have to kind of wait around.¬† She went to 14‑under, I guess.¬† You never know, but Anna is a great player.
I'm overall just very happy with the way I played no matter what happens.  Just really happy with it.

Q.  International Crown teams will be set after this.  What does it feel like to represent your country playing in a team competition?
LEXI THOMPSON:  It means so much to me.  Anytime I can put on red, white and blue, go out there, play for my country, it's the highest honor you can have.
I love team events.  Just representing my country, there's nothing like it.  Golf is such an individual sport, playing as a team for your country, it's always so amazing and the fans love it, so...

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