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March 30, 2014

Will MacKenzie


Q.テつ Your observations of today's round, please.
WILL MACKENZIE:テつ Exactly how the whole week went.テつ Up‑and‑down, not great ball striking, some flashes of good ball striking. テつDrove it a little better today, was a little more comfortable, staying in the shot a little more, but I just putted beautifully all week and that's the reason why I'm at the score I'm on.

Q.テつ How hard did the conditions start to play out there, given the wind and then the pressure of the situation?
WILL MACKENZIE:テつ Every shot's difficult.テつ You're just praying it would turn around and go down wind.テつ I'm tired of these into 10 to 20 mile per hour shots.テつ You don't know if it's slightly in off the right or slightly in off the left, so there's a lot of pressure on each shot because if you hit it off line here, you can be hitting out of rocks and you don't want to do that.

Q.テつ You played with Furyk and I saw that he came up to you and gave you a hug on the final green and he shared something with you.テつ Would you care to share that with us?
WILL MACKENZIE:テつ Yeah, he basically told me at the beginning of the year, he said he was really proud of me.テつ I went through some stuff with my wife and it's all good. テつHe's just there, he just told me, he said, man, I'm really proud of you, I'm glad that you're playing great and you're a great guy.テつ And I said, the feeling's mutual.
He's always been really kind to me.テつ It was an honor to play with him today.

Q.テつ All told, great week for you, did you feel like you needed to convert at 18 to give yourself a chance?
WILL MACKENZIE:テつ Yes.テつ Definitely.テつ I missed a little one on 15, I think it is, 15, 16.テつ You know, it was just I kind of ‑‑ you're coming down the stretch, you know that every little putt's important, you can kind of get a feel from ‑‑ I'm not, I actually look at the scoreboard a lot, but you know how tough each hole is and every one's precious to get.
And I hit not a great shot there, on 18, and that was just not a good enough leave to really be that aggressive.テつ I felt like I hit a decent putt there but as good of a putt as you can without having a potential 3‑putt.テつ But we gauged the wind a little wrong.

Q.テつ Overall obviously not since 2008 have you won, but you keep knocking on the door here.テつ What are the feelings that you're having about the way that your game is resurging?
WILL MACKENZIE:テつ Well, I'm feeling great.テつ But I tell you, I got a little nervous out there.テつ I don't know why, it's just the fore thought.テつ It's thinking in the future and not taking care of business.
But, yeah, I got nervous a couple times when I got to 6 I went, man, here I go, I'm back in this a little bit.テつ And I got really excited.テつ And it was awesome, it was a great feeling.
But you got to stay focused.テつ And I don't think I gave shots away because of thinking like that, but it's a wonderful feeling, it means I'm playing really good golf, so I'm excited.

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