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March 10, 2003

Jim Furyk


JOHN BUSH: Jim, thanks for coming by. Obviously not the finish that you wanted but overall a good week for you here at Doral.

JIM FURYK: Yes, I played solid. I wish I would have closed the door yesterday. I put a string of pars, bogeyed 13 and then parred the last 5. One out made 2 pars and birdie in the playoff. I wish I would have closed the door better. Made some birdies down the stretch. But finishing second in the playoff, although it's a good week, a lot of times -- not a lot of times, it's definitely more disappointing than playing solid and finishing 10th. It's definitely a worse feeling even though you played better.

JOHN BUSH: How tough was it to come back this morning?

JIM FURYK: I think everyone just made too big a deal out of it. It got dark last night. Scott and I spent an hour in here talking about it. It's golf. You go back out. We get rain delays, darkness delays all the time, especially at the Memorial. It kind of felt like playing Jack's tournament you go back out, hit a putt, start in the middle of the hole and keep playing. We had plenty of time to practice on the putting green, had some idea what your putts were doing, I hit a bunch of 6-, 7-footers on the putting green, knocked a bunch in, feeling confident, picked a good line. You have to trust it. Scott had a tougher putt on 1 than I did. He knocks it in and plays 18 textbook. Knocks it down the middle, hits it eight feet, birdie. There is not much you can do about it. I wish I would have driven the ball better in the playoffs. I hit 3 pathetic drives. To make the pars and a birdie from where I drove it was good. That's been the strength of my game all week. It failed me down the stretch. It's something I have to work on for next week. There is not much I could do about it. I played my heart out, it's disappointing. He played well.

JOHN BUSH: Overall 4 top-10s in the first six tournaments, off to an outstanding start.

JIM FURYK: Only if you count Match Play, I got that comment earlier which I do, but I guess someone else didn't.

Q. The shot from the beach yesterday was more difficult than today?

JIM FURYK: Yes, I had to split those palms and kind of knock it over one of them. Today I had a clear shot to the middle of the green. I had to hit a big draw to get it back to the pin, I was trying to hit it maybe just a smidge left of where I did, but overall it was a good shot. I put the ball in the middle of the green, left myself a reasonable putt and made Scott answer that. Made Scott answer that and he did. He was in the middle of the fairway, hitting the ball well, knocked it in there stiff and made the putt.

Q. What was the total yardage?

JIM FURYK: Somewhere 148 range, I hit a 9-iron.

Q. Despite the result today, do you feel like, I guess you are having a better spring than you did last year?

JIM FURYK: I'm healthy, that's a good start.

Q. Do you feel like you are starting to peak at the right time for some pretty big tournaments coming up?

JIM FURYK: I feel like I have been playing real well all year. This is the closest that I came. I would say that I played very well at ATT and very well here; just a few things here and there kept me from winning the golf tournament. The goal every week is to go out and win. The Masters is a long way away. PLAYERS Championship still three weeks away, I will start worrying about those tournaments when Honda is over next week.

Q. What is it in your eye, the last three tee shots on 18 have not been exactly what you were looking for?

JIM FURYK: The last two, the one in regulation was perfect, probably the best drive I hit all week. I like the hole. All three drives in the playoffs went left. I definitely talked about it last night with will my father and explained to him how I felt. I definitely got over the top of those balls and started the ball left. What it is, I haven't figured it out yet. Probably making a setup mistake. I got geared up and revved up. Maybe just getting quick, wanting to hit the ball hard, maybe just got a little quick. I can't really fault -- not one of those drives that didn't cost me the tournament. I still figured out a way to scramble and hit the ball in the hole. I hit the ball great all week. I was in the position because I figured out a way, to get the ball in the hole when I needed to, that was evident in the playoff.

Q. Johnny Miller thought he had the answer.

JIM FURYK: Johnny always has the answers, just ask him.

Q. When you were on the 18th green here was it a Match Play format that you were sure you had to make your putt because Scott had to make his?

JIM FURYK: Say that again.

Q. Scott has an eight-footer, I feel confident he will make his; I have to make mine?

JIM FURYK: It boils down to Match Play basically when you are in the playoff. Either way, no matter what he does I have to make my putt. I have to prepare to go out. It shouldn't change the way I look at things. If he makes it, I got to make mine to keep it going. If he misses I still want to make mine. I want to end the tournament and win. Either way it doesn't matter.

Q. Tell me what you did last night, was it easy sleeping?

JIM FURYK: I'm a fairly good sleeper. I think it took me a while to -- after winning a tournament or coming close there is an adrenaline rush just like any other sport and it took me a little while to -- I wouldn't say calm down, but let everything kind of release for the day. I didn't get to bed extremely early. I got 6 or 7 hours of sleep last night. I sleep fine. I never really have a problem.

Q. Were you thinking about the putt at all?

JIM FURYK: No, I read it last night, I thought it was a right center inside right putt in the dark. When I went back it broke more than that. It was a right edge, maybe just outside the edge putt. So I may have misread it last night but I had an idea what it was doing, I hit a bunch of putts on the putting green that were anywhere from right center to right edge, knocked a bunch of those in and got a good feel. It wasn't that big of a deal going to bed last night and sleeping. What's the worse thing that is going to happen, you are in a playoff in a tournament, you have a chance to win, it's more exciting rather than nervous feel.

Q. The day after, is there any doubt in your mind that you guys made the right decision last night?

JIM FURYK: We made the right decision, I would like to have seen him putt it in the dark now. Get that laser eye squinting in there.

Q. What did you hit on 18?

JIM FURYK: 9-iron again. I can't remember. I think I was a few yards farther than I was yesterday when I hit that the 9-iron back in the stands. The wind was blowing harder, I was trying to hit the ball harder. Today, it was just a relatively firm 9-iron and I didn't have to worry about it, just hit it in the middle of the green is what I was trying to do.

JOHN BUSH: Anymore questions. Thanks for your time. Good luck next week.

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