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March 29, 2014

Thomas Bjorn


THOMAS BJÖRN:  You know, the EurAsia Cup has to grow, it has to find its place, and you know, to know that it's there for the future.  It's going to make people more excited about it.  You never really know the first time you go into it and now you know it's there, people know and they can plan for it and they can schedule for it; they know.  It's great news.
It goes back to all of the things I've said before.  Partnership between The European Tour and the Asian Tour is of huge importance to both tours, and this is the best platform we can have to really show the world that we stand together and we are strong together.
So this event has a great future prospect ahead.  That's the important thing.  We saw it this week, from our side, it was disappointing with the way things were going, but as a whole for the tournament, you couldn't ask for anything better.  It came down to the last match on the last hole, what else do you want.
Everything about it was brilliant, and you've got to take the 20 players out of the frame and look at the bigger picture, what's the event, and to know that it's there two more times.  Well, that gives it a chance to keep going and continue growing into a bigger and bigger event.

Q.  G‑Mac was saying that it's great for us to have an event as a full European Team.  Seve Trophy is almost redundant in a sense.
THOMAS BJÖRN:  You never can take your focus off‑‑ The Ryder Cup is the Ryder Cup, and to compare something to The Ryder Cup is unfair.

Q.  Not comparing, but as a preparation exercise.
THOMAS BJÖRN:  You're looking at 89 years of history.  You're looking at some of the biggest sporting‑‑ in all sports combined, and to even start going‑‑ but as an event for the game of golf, in Asia and in Europe and a partnership between Europe and Asia, it's of huge importance and it's a way that we can now start through this in time build the game in Asia.
We make those ties stronger and make young people more excited about the game, because young people can more relate to team than they can relate to individual, and that's one of the things I think this will bring to Asia golf and see how important it is.  It has a future.

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