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March 28, 2014

Lizette Salas


Q.テつ All right.テつ I'm now joined by Lizette Salas, just turned in a 68 in the second round of the Kia Classic.テつ Lizette, three shots off the lead going into the weekend.テつ Another solid round for you.テつ What's the mentality going into the weekend, again in the hunt for you?
LIZETTE SALAS:テつ Just the same, the simplicity of the game, just trying to hit as many fairways and as many greens as I can and giving myself good opportunities for birdie.
I felt like I didn't hit the ball that great as yesterday, but still I stayed patient and bogey free, which I threw in a couple of fist pumps for par because I just wanted to stay bogey free.テつ But I'm just trying to smile and, you know, I have my fans out here this week and I've been just so blessed to have the support from my family and my community, so I'm just out here having fun.

Q.テつ You stole the thought right out of my mind, bogey free through two rounds.テつ That must feel really good.テつ Where have you been minimizing the stakes and trying to keep out of the trouble spots?
LIZETTE SALAS:テつ Just trying to just not get in trouble off the tee.テつ That's really important for me right now, and even if I miss the green I'm just off the green and giving myself good opportunities to get up‑and‑down, and luckily I have been for the past two days, so I'm going to try to keep it going.
You know, tomorrow and Sunday I'm just going to try to fire at some pins and be a little more aggressive, but at the same time know where to miss the ball.

Q.テつ We talked yesterday a little bit about International Crown.テつ Cristie is the last person on that team.テつ The teams will be set after this week.テつ You're creeping in.テつ You guys will probably be battling.テつ With a win this week that could possibly propel you in.テつ With the mentality of making the team and representing your country, I know that's a beg deal for you.テつ That thought process and what that would mean to you to make that team?
LIZETTE SALAS:テつ Yeah.テつ Coming in this week I didn't really think that much about it, but now that I've been feeling good about my game and feeling confident, I feel like I have what it takes to move up the ranks and squeeze into that team and to represent my country again, and for the International Crown being its first year and for me to be on that team for its first year, it would mean a lot for me.

Q.テつ You're much of an emotional, you always throw out the fist pumps, which I love to see.テつ I know a lot of the fans appreciate it.テつ Does that aspect of your game take more of a toll than a lot of the mechanics?テつ I know a lot of times you said you're more happier, you're more relaxed, you feel good out there.テつ Does that take more of a toll than maybe sometimes swing mechanics?
LIZETTE SALAS:テつ Yeah, definitely.テつ I feel like if you have a negative attitude, it just drains you.テつ So even though I would hit a bad shot, I kind of laugh it off, and you know, just kind of reward yourself.テつ If you make birdie, yeah, let's throw in a fist pump.
And you can always tell with my emotions if I hit a good shot or not, and I don't know if that's a good thing, but you know, that's the type of player I am, and I like to show emotion.テつ And so I don't know, that's kind of how I grew up, and this weekend we'll see a couple more fist pumps.

Q.テつ Great job so far.テつ Best of luck the rest of the way.
LIZETTE SALAS:テつ Thank you.

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