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March 28, 2014

Cameron Beckman


Q.テつ Just about the right time, isn't it?
CAMERON BECKMAN:テつ Well, you know, I guess you'd call it that.テつ I had a little bit of a tough day.テつ I didn't hit a lot of greens.テつ I putted nice.テつ Made a couple of crucial putts to keep it going.テつ Hit a couple decent shots coming in.

Q.テつ You live in San Antonio, play out of here; is that right?テつ Much of an advantage for anybody?
CAMERON BECKMAN:テつ Well, you know, I haven't played here very good in the past.テつ This is my best so far.テつ You know, I'm having a good time and feel like I'm getting to know it a little better.テつ It's a tricky golf course.テつ Got to know where to hit it and it's been good so far.

Q.テつ Haven't had a lot of starts this year.テつ Does this put added pressure on you?
CAMERON BECKMAN:テつ Yeah.テつ I could tell I was real tight on the front, just -- you know, when I don't get a lot of starts it's a whole different ballgame.テつ You can't just say you know, relax.テつ It's just hard.テつ So I'm happy with the start and looking forward to the weekend.

Q.テつ What you practicing for the weekend?
CAMERON BECKMAN:テつ I have no idea.テつ I'm going to keep trying to do what I'm doing.テつ I need to hit the ball a little better but I'm putting great, so, that always seems to be the equalizer.

Q.テつ Always nice to be home and play well at home.テつ Good luck this weekend.

Q.テつ You said you haven't played well here in the tournament.テつ Were you playing well out here in the weeks leading up to this?
CAMERON BECKMAN:テつ I've been playing on the Web.com Tour so, you know, this is a tough course to play.テつ Actually play the other golf course more.

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