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March 28, 2014

Gaganjeet Bhullar

Nicholas Fung


Q.テつ Talk about today's game, playing against Europe's best.
GAGANJEET BHULLAR:テつ We gave myself a lot of opportunities for ourselves and both of us made a few unforced error on the back nine but I would say we gave it 100 per cent.テつ We thought we could walk with one point but any ways, it's golf, it's quite funny.テつ Nicholas gave his hundred per cent and I think tomorrow is another day and we are quite positive that we are going to win pretty much all the singles tomorrow.

Q.テつ Can you sum up the day for today?
NICHOLAS FUNG:テつ We started very well.テつ We was like 2‑up after eight holes, and missed a short putt on the ninth hole, so we still are up.テつ We are still playing well until the 11th, par 5.テつ He holed a great putt on 11, G‑Mac.テつ Started to putt better on the 13th, but missed a few short putts, yeah.

Q.テつ This is the first time you guys are playing together.テつ Did you have a pep talk before you started the round yesterday?
GAGANJEET BHULLAR:テつ Yeah, the guys had a discussion about the strategy and felt really comfortable playing with each other.テつ Nicholas is a great player.テつ Today I actually get to see his game, and I think tomorrow we guys have a better chance and that's all we can do for Team Asia.

Q.テつ Looking at the scoreboard, you give all your best down to the singles, how is the mind‑set going into tomorrow?
GAGANJEET BHULLAR:テつ Well, tomorrow, we don't have anything to hold back.テつ We guys are going to go out and give 100 per cent and I have a feeling that, you know, most of our guys are going to win it tomorrow and it's going to be quite close.

Q.テつ What was mind‑set for you heading into singles tomorrow?
NICHOLAS FUNG:テつ Go back to singles so everybody is going back to like playing individual game so it's much better for our Asia team, yeah.

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