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March 27, 2014

Jordan Adams

Steve Alford

Kyle Anderson


Florida テや 79
UCLA - 68

THE MODERATOR:テつ At this time, we will begin our post‑game press conference for UCLA.テつ We've been joined by head coach Steve Alford, student‑athletes Kyle Anderson and Jordan Adams.テつ
COACH ALFORD:テつ Well, I want to Congratulate Florida.テつ An outstanding basketball team.
I really appreciate the effort of our seniors.テつ Both Dave and Travis have been tremendous all year.テつ Kyle was mentioning walking down here, they haven't gotten near the credit that they deserve.テつ They've worked their tails off all year in practice.テつ They've just done a great job anchoring our defense.テつ They've just done a great job anchoring our defense and doing the little things for us.
Travis started getting really healthy late in the year.テつ I think that's when we kicked it into another level.テつ They've just really been consistent for us.テつ They've had very good careers.
And then Aubrey Williams, a walk‑on that we've had, has just been tremendous as being on the scout team and practicing hard every day.テつ I just really appreciated the efforts of the seniors.テつ I've said it before, I'm Travis and Dave's third coach at the collegiate level.テつ So it's not easy.テつ Those seniors bought in from day one.テつ We've been almost a year now, and they bought in from day one, and I appreciate those efforts.
These two guys next to me have done an awful lot laying a foundation.テつ They've just been tremendous this year for their sophomore seasons, and both of them improved, I think, in every area.テつ Their statistics improved, but I think they improved in a lot of areas, especially the area of leadership.テつ Both these guys have done a really good job all year of leading our basketball team.
So the foundation's been laid, and I really appreciate what the players were able to do and accomplish this year.テつ We know we're bowing out of this tournament, and we just got beat by an outstanding team.

Q.テつ Can you talk about the first half, you guys were able to get 11 turnovers, Florida turned over 11 time.テつ Second half, I think they only made one.テつ Just what the difference was, the fact the game slowed down with a lot of whistles or why you weren't able to get more turnovers there.
KYLE ANDERSON:テつ I guess you got to credit them. テつYou've got to credit Florida.テつ They took care of the ball in the second half.テつ I think their point guard didn't have a turnover the whole game.
They played the majority of the second half with two point guards.テつ So when you have two really good point guards out there, it's pretty easy to take care of the ball.
JORDAN ADAMS:テつ Yeah, they just took care of the ball the second half.テつ Like Kyle said, they brought two point guards on the court.テつ They really were able to take care of the ball.

Q.テつ Kyle and Jordan, at times y'all got the majority of y'all points in the paint where y'all had a lot of opportunities to shoot from the outside and you were still able to remain in the game until late in the half.テつ What was it about the outside jump shots, because most of them were uncontested?
JORDAN ADAMS:テつ They did a great job of late contesting our shots.テつ We had a lot of open shots, but they were recovered.テつ Our offense is inside out.テつ We have guys that can score inside and shoot jump shots outside.テつ We really didn't get mad if anyone was shooting from the outside and missing them.
KYLE ANDERSON:テつ We just didn't have a good game shooting from the perimeter.テつ I think we were 3‑of‑18 from the three‑point line or whatever we were.テつ It just wasn't a good shooting game.テつ Those happen.テつ It happens like that.テつ It just seemed to happen at the wrong time.

Q.テつ Kyle, what did you think, Wilbekin down the stretch hit a couple of really hard shots, and just as another point guard, what did you think of his play down the stretch, and why is he so effective?
KYLE ANDERSON:テつ It was huge.テつ I can remember two big shots down the stretch.テつ That's what you expect out of your senior point guard.テつ He's been here for four years, Sweet 16 for four years, so he made big shots.テつ You know, credit to him.

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