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March 27, 2014

Will MacKenzie


Q.テつテつ So, Will, your consistent play again continuing.テつ How was it out there today?
WILL MACKENZIE:テつ Good.テつ First few holes full Gortex and I happened to play really well on those holes, just kind of, you know, just trying to get it in play and hit some good shots and actually got a good feel with the putter and then the next thing you know I just -- I played No. 9 so sloppily.テつ Is that a word?
It was just right rough and right short of the green rough, bad chip, bad putt, bad putt, made 6.テつ Kind of through me for a loop.
But, you know, I started hitting some good shots after that and just hung in there.テつ The course played tough early but the course is in perfect condition.テつ I think some guys will shoot good scores this afternoon.

Q.テつ We talked in Tampa but your consistent play the last couple of months.テつ How much is this continuing to carryover?
WILL MACKENZIE:テつ I think it's good putting now.テつ I mean knock on wood, I didn't putt my best coming down the stretch but I believe in the putter and, you know, if you're putting it pretty solid, it's hard to shoot bad scores.テつ So I think that's what has gotten me more consistent in the last year or so.

Q.テつ Late in your round you were giving yourself chances with the putter.
WILL MACKENZIE:テつ I was giving myself some chances and I did hit a couple pushes.テつ I hit a couple of not so good putts and then I had a good look on 17 there and didn't hit a good putt there, got a little sketchy with the putter.テつ I've got my drill. I'll iron it out and come out even better tomorrow.

Q.テつ Will, that's a solid first round of 69.テつ Your thoughts on that one.
WILL MACKENZIE:テつ Happy with it.テつ You know, you want to start off pretty strong.テつ I had that good start I saw when you started following me and I had that huge hiccup, kind of didn't taste too good but, you know, I battled back and that's what it is all about, perseverance and patience and belief and that's what I did.テつ I would like to get a couple more but you feel like that when you shoot 64.
I'm happy with my start.

Q.テつ You referenced a 64.テつ Looked to me that no one was really able to get away this morning.テつ Your thoughts on how the course was playing.
WILL MACKENZIE:テつ I think we felt the greens were going to be a little faster.テつ Once we had all the rain this morning, that misty rain, it had slowed them down just a hair.
Guys were hitting good putts and coming up short.テつ You had to be a little careful.テつ They looked like they were going to roll 12 or something.テつ They didn't quite roll that.テつ They're perfect putting surface.
If you can get the speed out here you should have a lot of opportunities but there's some pretty good pin locations as well.テつ But, yeah, nobody was running away.テつ I was a little surprised by the scores.テつ I still think someone will shoot at least 5, 6.

Q.テつ Now you've had a really nice 2014 season so far, you've been very consistent, four Top-10s.テつ Any specific keys for you in the improved play?
WILL MACKENZIE:テつ Just happy with the game, happy with playing golf again, happy with my personal life.
Also I'm working with a great coach, Jeff Leishman down in Jupiter, Florida.テつ He's simplified everything for me.テつ I know what I'm working on.テつ I tell the guys every week when I play decent I know what I'm working on.テつ That's fun.
I can go to the range right now, go through a couple little things that get my engine going, which we call, which is my lower half and, you know, start striking the balls without using so much hands.テつ I got a good putting drill and chipping drill as well.テつ That's what I do everyday.

Q.テつ That's a solid first round.テつ Well done.
WILL MACKENZIE:テつ Appreciate it.

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