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March 27, 2014

Nicholas Fung

Kim Hyung-Sung

Anirban Lahiri


CHUAH CHOO CHIANG:テつ Anirban, not the way you wanted to start the EurAsia Cup by your overall thoughts.
ANIRBAN LAHIRI:テつ Obviously five‑nil is the last thing anyone wants, especially in an event as prestigious as this but there's not much to stay.テつ We didn't play very well today but you have to hand it to the Europeans that they played really good.テつ I spoke to most of the team members and most of us were out played today.
CHUAH CHOO CHIANG: テつThe eagle from Gonzo on the first hole set the tone.
ANIRBAN LAHIRI:テつ Well, I don't know about the other matches but our match was really tough.テつ I think they shot 10‑under and that's usually hard to beat.テつ But you know, having said that, we really didn't get any momentum going.
CHUAH CHOO CHIANG:テつ Nicholas, give us your overall thoughts on the last match with Kim.
NICHOLAS FUNG:テつ Yeah, after seven holes, 3‑up, and three birdies and Kim birdied the par5, the sixth hole, so we were like four birdies, 3‑up, we tried.テつ It was a bit hot‑‑ birdied the eighth, birdied the ninth, and square the 10th hole and Jamie eagled the 11th, the par5 and Jamie birdied the 13th from like 50 feet.
CHUAH CHOO CHIANG:テつ Kim, can we have your opening comments on the start of the match and the end result for the team?
KIM HYUNG‑SUNG:テつ I enjoyed the match.テつ I enjoy team matches.テつ Playing with Nicholas today was exciting.テつ It was fun.テつ Nicholas played really well.テつ I wish I would have played a little bit better for him, but you know, we played out standing today but the European players, they actually played quite better than us today.テつ It's a little frustrating, even though this is sort of an event, but it's still a team match and everyone doesn't want to lose.
So hopefully tomorrow, the next couple days, the team will do well and my hat is off to Nicholas, he played really well.
ANIRBAN LAHIRI:テつ Obviously the meeting in the players team room was quite somber.テつ We have got a lot to think about.テつ We obviously need to bring our AGames tomorrow.テつ Points are still out there and it's up to us to go out and pick up tomorrow and we have to pick our games up, and that's exactly what we're going to do over the next two days.

Q.テつ Do you agree that the future of the EurAsia Cup, there should be more Korean players to join the Asian team?
KIM HYUNG‑SUNG:テつ In order to play this event, you have to be somewhat in the rankings to play here.テつ It would have been nice if more Korean players would have played but like I said, most of the Korean players haven't played as well, so there is a criteria to play in this event.
The next EurAsia Cup, Korean players can play.テつ They just have to play better.テつ It's unfortunate that they didn't come out but that's how the format is and that's how they pick the team.テつ So this is so far the strongest Asian team.

Q.テつ Gonzo said that you guys played far better than what the scores actually showed.テつ What was the difference out there?
ANIRBAN LAHIRI:テつ Like I mentioned it was a frustrating day for us.テつ We had two or three opportunities to get some and we just didn't take those chances.テつ Like I said, they started out really, really hot.テつ They started eagle, par, birdie, birdie, birdie, birdie, birdie, and we were 2‑down, which is not too bad.テつ But then I had a 15‑footer on 7 and I had to make that and on 10, both of us hit it inside ten feet and neither of us made it.
So we really couldn't take those opportunities, and once we let that slip, I think we let our chance go and on 111, Gallacher made a putt for eagle and on 12 they made another 25‑footer for birdie.テつ So they were making the 25‑footers and we were missing the ten; that's the difference in match play.テつ When you can make those 20‑odd footers and we didn't do any of that today.

Q.テつ Nicholas, can you take any personal satisfaction over your performance?
NICHOLAS FUNG:テつ It's good to play with Graeme McDowell and Jamie.テつ I mean, we both are playing good but they are playing better than us, so we tried to improve our game for tomorrow and try to get more birdies to beat them tomorrow and get more points.

Q.テつ Today you played against two of Europe's best players, do you feel more confident for European Tour Qualifying School in October?
NICHOLAS FUNG:テつ Yeah, of course I'm looking forward to going to TOUR School and obviously I'm playing this and this builds up my confidence, yeah.
CHUAH CHOO CHIANG:テつ How does today's result affect mind‑set for tomorrow?
ANIRBAN LAHIRI:テつ Well, I guess we have our backs to the wall.テつ There's only way we can move from here.テつ We can't get my worse, can we.テつ We have to hope that the Europeans get a little complacent with the start and we have to up our games and play our best over the next two days, especially tomorrow, try and win at least four of the matches or 3 1/2 points.テつ You know, you have to do at least that and give us a fighting chance on Saturday and that's what we are going to try to do tomorrow.
KIM HYUNG‑SUNG:テつ The game is not over until the gloves come out.テつ There's 15 matches left and there's two more days.テつ We just have to go out there and play our best.テつ If we lose, we lose as champions or we win as champions and hats off to the Europeans and the other team.テつ We just go out there and play our best game.

Q.テつ Was it the inexperience in match playthat came out very opposite?
ANIRBAN LAHIRI:テつ It was difficult to say.テつ I think we are not experienced enough to call us inexperienced‑‑ hard to know if today was inexperience but a learning curve, at least eight of us‑‑ for most of us it's been a big learning experience and it's our first time and yes, maybe it is partly due to that.
But let's not take away from the fact that the Europeans played very well today and ultimately we need to come out and play well tomorrow and the day after.

Q.テつ So what have you guys learned today about yourself and going forward tomorrow?
ANIRBAN LAHIRI:テつ I think we are still in a little bit of shock.テつ I think going to bed at night we will be up for at least a little while thinking what went wrong, and like I said, you learn about yourself, you learn about playing as a team.テつ Obviously on a personal front, I've played for a long time but this is a whole new stage for us.テつ But obviously we just didn't play well.テつ Mentally, we were not as we should have been.テつ We didn't take our opportunities which basically comes when you're mentally sharp and I think that's something that comes with experience.

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