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March 27, 2014

Jamie Donaldson

Graeme McDowell


Q.テつ What is your verdict on putting that point on the board?
JAMIE DONALDSON:テつ Yeah, it's important.テつ We are in a very strong position now after what is a very strong day. テつA slightly slow start but came good in the end and happy with how we finished.

Q.テつ Had to dig deep?
GRAEME McDOWELL:テつ Yeah, we did.テつ We looked at the board and like Jamie said, we got off to a slow start.テつ We were 3‑down after seven holes, and we somehow managed to make the turn at 1‑down which was huge and then this guy just played phenomenal the back nine, and I just had to just chill out and hang with him a little bit.テつ It was great to watch.

Q.テつ You played your part, as well, you holed a couple of nice ones out there, important ones?
GRAEME McDOWELL:テつ It was good. We both played very solidly today.テつ Jamie drove the ball great on the back nine.テつ I missed a few fairways and you cannot play this golf course from the rough.テつ It's a simple case of fairways and greens here, and you do have some chances, but you know, big day for Europe, but Asia I'm sure will be raring to go and come out all guns blazing tomorrow.

Q.テつ Are you enjoying the team element?
JAMIE DONALDSON:テつ Yeah, it's great.テつ There's great banter in the team room.テつ The team events, the more of them you can play in, the more fun you can have.テつ It's a great team environment and thoroughly enjoying myself.

Q.テつ The two of you dovetailed pretty well?
JAMIE DONALDSON:テつ Yeah, we did.テつ Graeme hold a couple of great putts in the middle sort of towards the end of the front nine, and then I holed a few good ones on the back nine.テつ So yeah, we came in good.テつ We sort of dovetailed well and yeah, a very good day.

Q.テつ How are you both feeling?テつ You've had a big old trip to get here, haven't you, really, and to adjust to the heat and climate?
GRAEME McDOWELL:テつ We both came in from Florida after playing Bay Hill last week.テつ I think we are both fairly experienced.テつ European Tour, you certainly learn how to handle the odd long‑haul flight.テつ And the heat is normally more than we are used to, but we have a great team making sure we are hydrated and plenty of nutrition, and we have both experienced this type of heat before.

Q.テつ You're both in the right time zone in your head?
JAMIE DONALDSON:テつ Yeah, we are trying.テつ 12 hours' difference is kind of difficult, but after three days here, we're getting closer by the day.

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