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March 27, 2014

Nicholas Fung

Kim Hyung-Sung


Q.テつ You got off to a hot start.
NICHOLAS FUNG:テつ Actually we didn't play really well at first, because every day we are a slow starter, so we was 3‑up until the eighth hole, so just okay, just give it up, just play our game.テつ But Graeme started to get hot on the 8th hole to the end.テつ Too many birdies and eagle to beat us.

Q.テつ Was there pressure playing out in front of the home fans?
NICHOLAS FUNG:テつ No pressure because I started so well, three birdies, 3‑up.

Q.テつ How was it playing with Kim?

Q.テつ Kim, your thoughts playing with Nicklaus today?
KIM HYUNG‑SUNG:テつ He played a fabulous round today.テつ He carried me through the whole round.テつ I didn't hit it too well, but you know, we had a chance and Nicklaus played his best.テつ I didn't help him that much but we did our best out there and I had fun.テつ I had fun playing with Nicklaus and it was a good game.

Q.テつ If you go back and look at your game, what would you do differently tomorrow?
KIM HYUNG‑SUNG:テつ During the Pro‑Am and practice round, the greens were a lot faster, so we were judging the speed wrong so when we had chances, I weren't able to get the putts to the hole and from there we lost momentum.

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