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March 27, 2014

Thomas Bjorn

Thorbjorn Olesen


Q.  Your thoughts, a victory, a point, what was good?
THOMAS BJÖRN:  A victory, a point, that was the most important thing.  It wasn't the prettiest of golf.  We probably should have closed our match out a lot sooner than we did but we kind of took the feel of the match that it wasn't the best of golf, so if we just stayed in the holes and not make any big mistakes, then they were going to have a hard time catching up with us, but it got a bit too close in the end for our liking.
We were a bit unfortunate, a couple of holes in the end, Thorbjørn hit some great shots on 16 and 17 and didn't get anything out of it, and that's the way match play is.  Quite happy with getting a point, we are off to a start and with everybody else doing well.

Q.  And even saying that, obviously you were ahead most of the way.  Did you feel in control even though it came down to the end?
THORBJØRN OLESEN:  Yeah, I think we did.  Thomas played very steady today.  I didn't play well.  I was struggling out there but it was good to finish with a couple of good shots.  But yeah, Thomas kept the ball in play and had some good chances there to win a few holes but we didn't hole any putts really, either.

Q.  How satisfying is that victory?
THOMAS BJÖRN:  It was good.  We were up most of the way and we pretty much was in control but we just didn't quite do enough to close the match earlier.  But in general, it was a nice start and it gets hard when everybody else is up in their matches.  You actually don't want to let the team down even though the team is doing well.  You just kind of feel like you don't want to be the ones that don't win.  So got a bit too close in the end but in general it was a satisfying day.

Q.  And I guess that's the nature of match play, anyway, isn't it, never sealed until you hit that final put?
THORBJØRN OLESEN:  Definitely we had a few good chances and Thomas had a few chances to win a few holes.  Played very steady and I struggled out there but I finished with a couple of good shots, which was good.  Yeah, it's nice to win the match.

Q.  You mentioned the way the boards are looking, a whole sea of blue; that's excellent, isn't it?
THOMAS BJÖRN:  Yeah, wish it was going to be like that in September.  No, it's nice, I think everybody came in this week and the one thing that we didn't want to do was underestimate our opponents.  We wanted to get off to a fast start.  We wanted to get out here and show that we want to win this and we take it seriously, and it's a credit to every man on this team that they have done that.  You can't underestimate Asian players these days.  There's a lot of good players out here, and if you give them a tiny little finger, they will take your whole arm.
So we have to get back out tomorrow and build on this lead so we have a bit of a cushion going into the singles.

Q.  You mentioned September; I know the heat here is not quite the same as Gleneagles, but is this the preparation?
THOMAS BJÖRN:  Absolutely.  It's great, you have guys like Jamie and Victor that's very‑‑ if not already in the team, they are certainly got very close and they will get that feeling of playing in these events.  And Jamie out with Graeme today has got a lot of experience, and that will help them just to get the feeling of playing foursomes and four‑balls golf.  It's so different and it's so different to be part of a team environment.
So it's a great build for them.  Obviously The Ryder Cup is so different, but just to get that feel of being out on the golf course with a partner and talk through the different shots and stick together on the golf course, that's a huge advantage when you come to September.

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