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March 26, 2014

Kei Nishikori


3‑6, 7‑5, 6‑4

THE MODERATOR:  Questions, please.

Q.  Describe your feelings at the moment.
KEI NISHIKORI:  Feeling good, of course, you know, to beat Roger, and it's second time to beat him.  It was different conditions.  It was, you know, tough to play on the court, both of us.
But I thought I really played well, especially in the third.  I was hitting both deep and striking well.  Everything was going well.  You know, there was couple of tough moments, but, you know, I was fighting through and happy to win today.

Q.  When he broke you twice in the second and then you broke him right back, was it surprising to you?
KEI NISHIKORI:  Yeah, because, yeah, he wasn't making a lot of first serves today.  I don't know.  Maybe because the wind.  I don't know.
So I was trying, you know, to step in his second serve, and my return was going well.  That was the key for the game today.

Q.  How much confidence did you get from the match from Nadal in Australia?  Very tight match there.  Did it really kick off your year well?
KEI NISHIKORI:  Yeah, that was a great match.  I was playing different tennis, I think, from that match against Rafa in Australia, step in more, aggressive like today.  And, yeah, the game changed my tennis.

Q.  How do you feel physically toward the end after three hours played yesterday?
KEI NISHIKORI:  Not too bad, actually.  It's not gonna be 100% after that match, but still, I was playing well and my body is okay.
Another tough, tough match today.  Hopefully I can have good rest tomorrow, but body‑wise I'm feeling good, so I think I'm getting stronger.

Q.  Is this a special tournament for you?  A lot of players train in Florida.  You're one of them.  Does it feel like a home tournament at all, this place?
KEI NISHIKORI:  Yeah, pretty much.  I live close from here, and the weather is always like this.  I'm really used to it, and the crowd is different.  More Latin people here.  It's more fun, fun to play on the court.
It's a little bit, you know, different tournament, but I always love to play here.

Q.  Djokovic next.  Your thoughts on Djokovic?
KEI NISHIKORI:  Yeah, he just won Indian Wells, and I guess he's playing well, no doubt.
I don't know.  I played him a long time ago, maybe three or four years ago in Basel, and, you know, I beat him before, so hopefully I can play good like today.

Q.  You have a pretty basic baseline game.  What are you doing especially well now that you're playing so well?  What parts really click for you in recent times?
KEI NISHIKORI:  I think I am stepping more inside the court and serving well.  Today I think a lot of important points saved my serve, and, I don't know, more consistency, I guess.

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