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March 26, 2014

Na Li


N. LI/C. Wozniacki
7‑5, 7‑5

THE MODERATOR:  Questions, please.

Q.  Another win?
NA LI:  Yeah.

Q.  Winning a lot lately?
NA LI:  Yeah.

Q.  Feel good?
NA LI:  Yes.  I think today I was feeling she was the best to defend in all the tour, so I was feeling a little bit like player against a wall, you know.  Because doesn't matter where is it.  She always come and put the ball back to my court.
Yeah, after I was finished the match, I was feeling, Wow, you doing good.  You beat a wall.  Yeah.

Q.  It's pretty hard to beat a wall.
NA LI:  I know.  I think today I'm not say she play bad.  I think she played pretty good.
So I think today's match I think pretty good.  Pretty good match.

Q.  How are you able to beat a wall?
NA LI:  Just try to play more aggressive, you know.  Because I know I was play her fifth time, five time before?  Always win, lose, so I think both know each other much more.
So, yeah, today I was thinking try to do the best, but I saw the information.  Still has a lot unforced.

Q.  Are you getting fed up with seeing Dominika Cibulkova across the net?
NA LI:  Well, I saw she has match point down, and then I was go back, leaving the hotel, come to here, and then one set all, and I go and middle of the warmup, they say she won.

Q.  But you have seen her across the net in so many matches this year.
NA LI:  Does mean both doing well.  Otherwise we cannot play together, right (smiling)?
Yeah.  Another tough match, for sure.  Yeah.  I think so many people think about maybe repeat for the final, but it's not, you know.  Miami is Miami, because Australia is over.  Is past already.
Just looking forward for tomorrow.

Q.  Different, but does it always feel a little special when it is someone you played before in a Grand Slam?  Like before, when it was Schiavone maybe you played again, does it feel special when you play them again?
NA LI:  Honestly, no, because after match you have to go next tournament.
So always like different tournament, different feeling.  Yeah.

Q.  What do you remember most about the Australian Open final?
NA LI:  Come on.  It's already two month already.  I don't want to think about that, because if I always think about what I do in Australia, I cannot looking forward.  Yeah.

Q.  Putting Australia to one side, will your mind be on what happened at Indian Wells, then?
NA LI:  Indian Wells also two weeks ago, right (smiling)?
So, you know, Indian Wells is more dry and the ball is even more fly, and here is more humid, you know.
Every city different, court different, ball different.  And also I think she play well.  I play well.
Just to see who can be better in tomorrow.  Yeah.

Q.  After the match they said you were the first Chinese woman to make the semifinals here.
NA LI:  Yeah.

Q.  Do you get tired of hearing you're the first Chinese woman to do things?
NA LI:  No, I'm not tired.  I enjoy (smiling).

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