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March 26, 2014

Stacy Lewis


THE MODERATOR:  All right.  We're here with Stacy Lewis.  Stacy, welcome to the interview room today.  I wanted to ask you, you know, coming off your great finish last week at Founders, last year you led the tour in Top 10 finishes, and this year you became the first player with four Top 10 finishes.  And of course, last year you finished tied for ninth here.  Can you talk a little bit about what makes you so consistent week in and week out?
STACY LEWIS:  You know, I don't really know what it is.  I mean I know my game's gotten‑‑ you know, it's just gotten to a point where I can not play so good and still be up in contention.  And my goal every week is to win.  It's to give myself a chance to win, and so finishing in Top 10, you're obviously doing that.
You know, the second place thing kind of gets old after a while, but at the same time, you can't complain because you're doing something right.  To put yourself there every single week, you're doing something right.
And coming off of last week I was just encouraged that I made some putts at the end of the rounds.  That was kind of what kind of got me last year is I'd get off to good starts and I never finished it.  So I'm finishing my rounds a little bit better, and that's what I'm encouraged about.
THE MODERATOR:  Now, other players have been saying that course conditions have improved here from last year?
THE MODERATOR:  Can you talk a little bit about that, especially as you got out around the course yesterday?
STACY LEWIS:  Yeah.  The course is a dramatic difference.  It's in which better shape.  The fairways are not rolling out so much.  The greens are not rolling out so much.  There's good and bad to that.  You're going to have longer shots into the Green but at the same time they're going to be a little more consistent as far as the bounces and if you hit it in a certain spot, you know it's going to stop.  So greens are rolling a lot better and everything is better.  And usually when you come to a course the second year, it continues to get better.
THE MODERATOR:  And today during the pro am we have Green Bay Packer quarterback Aaron Rogers teeing off at 12.  You're a football fan.  Are you going to get out there and watch him at all?
STACY LEWIS:  I think I'm at 12:10, so hopefully I'll get out there and watch him a little bit.  I'm a little bummed that I'm not playing with him.  But I like being around other athletes and seeing what makes them successful.  Most quarterbacks are pretty good golfers, too.  So we'll see how he does.
THE MODERATOR:  Who's your football team?
STACY LEWIS:  I don't have an NFL team.  I'm more in the Fantasy Football deal.  But two years ago he was my starting quarterback.
THE MODERATOR:  Very nice.  We have the International Crown teams are going to be set after this week.  You've had a chance to play with the team, be on the Solheim Cup.  Can you talk about what it means to you to represent your country playing against the seven other teams and the general excitement around the International Crown.
STACY LEWIS:  Yeah.  Any time you get to wear the American flag, get all your gear and you're announced representing your country, it's an honor.  And it was a goal of mine to make the Crown, and I'm excited just to be a part of the first year of it.  I don't know‑‑ I think we're kind of all up in the air and how the format is going to play out and how it's all going to work, but it's just a lot of fun to play team golf.  And we're going to play some best ball, so to play with people that you're normally playing against every week, it's fun.  We can kind of learn a lot from each other and help ish other out.  So I think we're all just looking forward to the event and you know, it's going to be fun to see what happens this week with am a couple of the teams coming down to the wire.
THE MODERATOR:  And finally, the R&A had a big announcement today.  They announced that they're allowing a vote to admit women as members.
THE MODERATOR:  What are your thoughts on that statement.
STACY LEWIS:  Well, I'm excited about it, you know.  We get to play at St. Andrews this year, and you know, it's a showing of where the game is going.  You know, the women's‑‑ I think the most growth for golf is in the women's side.  So it's nice to see the R&A take that initiative and put it out there and see if it's something that the members are willing to do, but you know, when I saw it, I was very excited about it.
THE MODERATOR:  Very nice.  We'll open it up for questions, if anyone has any.

Q.  When you say that second place was getting old would you say you're satisfied with your start to the season or it's really coming down to winning?
STACY LEWIS:  Yeah.  I'm somewhat satisfied.  You know, ultimately my goal is to win golf tournaments.  So I'm not quite getting to where I want to be, but at the same time, you know, right now I'm trying to build up for the Kraft, and I want to be playing my best golf kind of at the end of this week and going into next week.
So that's kind of the ultimate thing is the majors, but you know, I don't know as golfers if we're ever really satisfied, just the nature of what we do.
But you know, gotten off to a really good start, kind of continuing what I was doing at the end of last year.

Q.  You won at St. Andrews last year.  Did the subject come up much when you were using the clubhouse and kind of hanging around?  Was there a vibe or did everybody just kind of‑‑ was everybody focused on the business of playing golf and ignoring the R&A and all that?
STACY LEWIS:  Yeah, I think, you know, there was a lot of talk about the male‑only‑‑ the other male‑only clubs and hosting British opens.  That was kind of the main topic when we were there.  But I remember when I played the Curtis Cup there in 2008, you know, that was kind of the first time that they let us use the entire clubhouse.  They let us into places where women hadn't been before, and so that was kind of‑‑ for me when it kind of hit home with what this was all about.  But at the British, there wasn't a lot of talk about it.  I think we all just wanted to focus on the task at hand and also celebrate that we were playing at St. Andrews.

Q.  One other topic, totally different topic.  A lot of those men have been really getting into stats lately with analyzing their stats and more than ever.  And granted, they have shot link and you guys don't, but how much of that do you do at the end of the year looking at numbers and looking at different analyses?
STACY LEWIS:  I look at numbers a little bit.  I think the numbers, if you look at stats by themselves, they're sometimes deceiving.  So I think you have to kind of look at it as a whole.
But you know, I don't know.  I'm not super picky on that kind of stuff.  You know, I know when I'm not hitting my irons well and I'm not hitting enough greens or if I'm not putting well.  I don't need to know an average or a number to tell me that.  I kind of go more off of feel than an actual number.

Q.  Looking towards the International Crown, it's going to be a round‑robin format.  Do you really care too much about strategy when you play match play or are you someone that wants to go out there and make a bunch of birdies and try to make them beat you?
STACY LEWIS:  Yeah.  I think with match play you're just trying to win your match.  I think people are going to try to put some strategy in, who tees off with who and who plays together, but I think with the crown what's going to happen is you just gotta go out there and get the point, and that's going to be the kind of goal for everybody, and what usually wins points in Match Play is making birdies.  So it's just going out there and try to win holes and take care of‑‑ you know, get it over as quick as possible.

Q.  You talked a little bit about the layout, the holes you consider most challenging and your collectively on the par‑3s?
STACY LEWIS:  Probably the hardest hole is probably 18.  Just coming down the end you've gotta hit a really good drive and then the second shot is probably one of the hardest second shots we have in.  And then the par‑3s, you know, I think of 11.  11 I think is kind of a sneaky, hard par‑3.
I don't know, I mean there's some holes that are tough on this golf course, but then there's holes that you can make birdies on.  You know, the par‑5s you're going to have wedges into most of them.  16 tee usually gets moved up on the weekend to make it drivable.  So I mean there's plenty of holes you can make birdies on.  But I think now a lot of the par‑4s we're going to be having, where last year we had maybe 9‑irons and wedges we're going to be hitting 6, 7, 8 irons in instead.  So I think this year it's going to play a little bit different as far as the length of the golf course, but there's still plenty of opportunities to make some birdies.
THE MODERATOR:  All right.  Well, thank you, Stacy.
STACY LEWIS:  Thank you.

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