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March 23, 2014

Henrik Stenson


HENRIK STENSON:  I was striking the ball really good on the weekend here.  I pretty much hit all the greens today.  I think 9th was the only one that just trickled off from the fairway bunker, but I pretty much hit all of them.
Striking was good over the weekend and putting settled a little bit.  And Friday was not a good start on the greens.  Three‑putt, three times, within a five hole stretch.  That kind of threw me off.  I threw that round away.
Picked myself up after that and played solid on the weekend and feel like I'm moving closer to where I want to be.

Q.  You're a great ball‑striker.  Led the field this week in greens in regulation.  That's got to be a great sign for you?
HENRIK STENSON:  Yeah, and around this golf course you've got to be able to control your ball flight and your striking.  With the wind coming up here the margins are pretty slim on quite a few of the approaches.
So it was a good week with the swing and my striking and I'm very happy with the progress I made.

Q.  I know you have your eye on the Masters, but what's the schedule now for the next couple of weeks leading up to that?
HENRIK STENSON:  I'm flying to the Keys in an hour, so I'm going to spend a couple of nights down there with the family.
And then I'm practicing for the back end of this week, and then a quick scouting mission to Augusta and playing Houston and back to the Masters.  Busy couple of weeks coming up.

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