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March 22, 2014

Fred Couples


FRED COUPLES:テつ I was 2‑under for most of the day and probably the best shot I hit was on the 14th, I think the par3 down the hill and I just skipped it over the green.テつ Made bogey there.テつ I guess that was my only bogey but I just couldn't make any putts for birdies or hit it really close.
So I'm one behind.テつ Can't really complain.テつ Hopefully come out and make some putts.テつ That's about the ballgame when there's that many guys at five, six, 7‑ or 8‑under.

Q.テつ A couple of guys said the wind was swirling, was it unpredictable out there?
FRED COUPLES:テつ No, I mean, it's‑‑ when you get a shot that's not kind of going exactly where you want it, these greens, they are not really rock hard, but they are firm and when you get it with the grain, they seemed to roll quite a ways away and when you get the wedge holes.テつ I guess I birdied one par 5, which is really not good enough.テつ I didn't hit any shots really close.
I mean, the wind is not easy but again, there were guys 3‑ , 4‑under, 2‑under, 3‑under.テつ So I think those are good scores.テつ If I had made a bogey and shot 70, not only would I be tied, but I would feel better about the round.テつテつ It just was a little sloppy.テつ I guess I had to make a birdie the back nine.テつ So that's a lot of holes without making a birdie.テつ I had not made a birdie in the last 13 holes.

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