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March 22, 2014

Billy Andrade


Q.テつ 65, your low round so far on the Champions Tour, you're tied for the lead and you birdied half the holes and you got in a nice one at 18 to finish, your thoughts about the day?
BILLY ANDRADE:テつ It was kind of a swirly, windy day.テつ The wind, we didn't know if it was helping on some holes or hurting on holes, so I just got off to a nice start with birdieing the first hole and then just got into a nice rhythm shooting 31 on the front. テつI had an easy little wedge into 10 and just hit the worst shot I've hit in a long time.
Didn't even hit the green and ended up making a bogey there but came back really strong birdieing 11; 12 and 13 really helped.テつ A little screw‑up at 16 and great birdie at the last.テつ I hit a beautiful drive and had a 7‑iron from an uphill lie and hit a nice putt, so I'm ecstatic to be in this position, I'm really looking forward to tomorrow and you know, this is why we play is to have chances to win.テつ I'm going to go for it and enjoy myself tomorrow and I'm glad today is over and now we get ready for tomorrow.

Q.テつ This is your fourth start on the Champions Tour.テつ Has it taken you three to sort of get your feet wet?
BILLY ANDRADE:テつ Yeah, I think for me personally, I took those four years off playing full‑time, and last year was my first year back of trying to play and I just didn't have enough starts.テつ I didn't play enough.テつ So going into this year, I think my biggest concern was just getting competition under my belt, playing competition.テつ With the schedule the way it is, it's a little‑‑ for anyone starting out out here, it's very challenging because on the PGA TOUR for the 23 years I played, you start at the beginning of January and you don't stop.テつ You stop if‑‑ you have to stop if you're tired but everyone is playing every week.
So play two, take three weeks off‑‑ I knew last week was going to be tough because going to California and playing different kind of golf courses with the poa annua greens, it's different.テつ That was going to be hard.テつ But I just feel like this week, I knew I was going to play better than last week, and to get myself in position like this is fantastic, and I'm just going to go and continue to do what I'm doing.
I think just as the year goes on and we start getting into a flow, I think I'll be just fine.

Q.テつ Anything about Mississippi?テつ You were in contention last year on the PGA TOUR in Jacksonville?
BILLY ANDRADE:テつ Yeah, I thought about that a little bit coming in here that I've had success here.テつ I have no idea what it is about Mississippi, but right now, I just absolutely love it.

Q.テつ On the last hole, what a sweet way to end it, you came in and drained it very easy and made it look easy?
BILLY ANDRADE:テつ I don't know if it was easy the way it looked but it was‑‑ you know, the 18th hole is a challenging hole out here and it's hard.テつ It's one of the hardest holes and it was into the wind.テつ To have a chance at birdie is what you want and to have a nice chance with the nice shot in was great and I hit a beautiful putt so I'm happy with the way I finished.

Q.テつ You talked about the wind was swirling a little bit, outside of that, how was the course playing?
BILLY ANDRADE:テつ The golf course just seems like it's getting better as the week's gone on, and it's in immaculate shape, superintendent has obviously done an unbelievable job.テつ This is only my fourth event but talking to the guys and stuff, this is one of‑‑ this could be the best golf course we play all year.テつ That's what everybody is saying as far as from tee‑to‑green and the challenge that it has.テつ That's good for me.テつ I think the harder, the better so we'll see what happens tomorrow.

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