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March 22, 2014

Jim Crews

Dwayne Evans

Rob Loe


Louisville テや 66
Saint Louis テや 51

JIM CREWS:テつ Well, concerning the game, we didn't play particularly well today.テつ We knew if we weren't strong with the ball, that would lead to good things for Louisville, and that certainly played out from that standpoint because we just weren't good enough with the ball.テつ I think we had 17 or 18 turnovers.テつ And that leads to points for them.
For the most part when it was in the half court we did a pretty good defensively, and they did, too.テつ We weren't very good offensively or efficient.テつ Louisville was good defensively half court, we were good defensively half court.テつ But we did turn the ball over too many times and so forth.
But with that being said, one game certainly is not going to dictate one thing or another, and I certainly don't want that to overshadow‑‑ it won't overshadow in our program what these seniors have done.テつ They've had an amazing career.テつ They're the winningest group in Saint Louis history.テつ They won a couple championships, more than a couple, three championships in the last two years, the number of games they've won in the last three years, three NCAA Tournaments, which is really hard to get into.テつ They've been good, all of them are graduating this spring, they've been great ambassadors within the community and really the world.テつ Dwayne went on a world trip and we've had a couple other guys go on world trips.
Big picture, I couldn't be more proud and salute these guys for having a wonderful, wonderful career.

Q.テつ Early in the second half you guys made a run where you guys tied the game.テつ Did Louisville make adjustments after that that ended up changing the way the game was going or were you guys‑‑ was anything else attributed to that?
ROB LOE:テつ I don't know if they made adjustments or not.テつ We got loose with the ball there.テつ I think we had a few turnovers right in that stretch.テつ We didn't have any go in when we caught up to them and tied the game.テつ You know, like Coach said, we were loose with the ball throughout the game, and that really didn't help us.
DWAYNE EVANS:テつ Yeah, right along those lines, once we tied it up, I don't know if we took the lead or not, but had a couple turnovers down there, a couple offensive rebounds and put us in the hole.

Q.テつ For Dwayne, 0 for 15 from three‑point range, first time all season you guys haven't hit a three.テつ How frustrating is it to see all those shots miss and how key was it in the game?
DWAYNE EVANS:テつ I thought we took a lot of good shots today.テつ They weren't falling, but we had the right guys in the right spots.テつ I guess you have days like that.テつ Obviously we would have wanted it another way, but they were good shots.

Q.テつ Dwayne, the team again struggled from the free‑throw line.テつ Did you guys kind of focus in on that a little bit more after the struggles you had Thursday, and playing from behind again, how much confidence did Thursday give you that you could hang in this game even with the team struggling from the field?
DWAYNE EVANS:テつ Towards the end of the game we still had a chance to get back in it.テつ I mean, guys were pressing, we were subbing, doing everything we could to get back into the game.テつ Obviously free throws hurt us down the stretch and throughout the course of the game.テつ When you miss that many free throws and have turnovers like that, it's hard to win.

Q.テつ Coach, Louisville switched it up, they were pressing, sometimes trapping, sometimes just man on man.テつ Can you talk about their defense against you guys today?
JIM CREWS:テつ Well, they're very good defensively.テつ They change things up.テつ They do press, and they play zone and have different shifts and so forth, and they mix it up with man.テつ They keep you a little bit off balance with that, which is a good thing because basketball is a rhythmatic game and they keep you out of rhythm with it, but we just couldn't generate‑‑ right at the start of the second half we kind of got a little thing, but we couldn't generate and kind of get over the hump with a little rhythm offensively in particular with it, and that's how it played out.テつ That's why we lost.

Q.テつ If you could kind of analyze Louisville for a little bit, are they a team that has an opportunity to repeat again when you watch them and coach against them?
JIM CREWS:テつ Well, obviously they've got a chance to repeat.テつ They've got‑‑ how many teams are left now?テつ So they're going to be in the final 16, so they got better than the other 340.テつ A lot better chance than us right now.テつ So yeah.テつ I'm not going to make them favored, but I don't know who I would favor anyway.テつ That's why you've got to play the game.
They've got a very good team.テつ They're solid, a solid team.テつ I know it's fun to speculate and everything else, but I haven't even seen all the teams that are going to be left.テつ I haven't seen them play, so I really don't know.

Q.テつ Luke Hancock with 21 today.テつ What are the challenges that someone like him presents?
JIM CREWS:テつ Well, he's really smart.テつ He reads screens, so it's a cat and mouse.テつ If you play it this way, he goes the other way, if you go the other way, he comes the other way.テつ He's smart.テつ He reads defense.テつ Most guys just watch the ball.テつ He doesn't watch the ball.テつ He watches the defender on him and it's like playing tag with your little sister or little brother growing up.テつ If they go under the table, you go over the table.テつ If you go right, he goes left.テつ So he does a great job, and he's got length.テつ I mean, he can shoot the ball, but he's got length that shoots it over, so you've got to really have good pressure and get him off the shot spot.テつ They've got some big bodies setting some good screens.テつ He's really good, a really good basketball player.

Q.テつ Your team goes 0 for 15 from the three‑point line.テつ When you're trailing and not making three‑pointers, is there anything else your team can do or do you have to tell them to keep going out there and keep trying to take those shots?
JIM CREWS:テつ No, we're going to keep taking shots if they're good shots.テつ We don't have a plan before a game to say, OK, we're going to take X number of threes in this game and that game.テつ We don't do that because I think that you've got to have a balance to be really good.テつ You've got to be able to score inside, you've got to be able to drive the ball, you've got to be able to shoot threes, you've got to be able to run the ball and you've got to be good defensively and offensively.テつ Now you can be really good at one of those things and you'll win some games but you're not going to win championships, so there has to be a balance.テつ Just like life, it's tough to get a balance sometimes, and certainly in an individual small sample size of games, you're always going to have a problem with that at times, also.

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